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What to drink with a salty pancake?

If you are in a hurry

The ideal accompaniment to a salted pancake are Provence wines that are generally very light and sunny, such as a Coteaux varois en Provence or a Côtes du Rhône Villages.

A discreet dish to be served with a light and sweet wine.

Admittedly, the wine goes very well with a savoury pancake, but it is a capricious alcohol with gastronomic finesse: let's avoid catastrophic matches!
Ham, egg, melted emmental cheese, and why not mushrooms, the fillings of the whole pancake are not strong in taste. Be careful not to crush the flavors of your pancake by a wine too full-bodied and too powerful.

With savoury pancakes you can therefore be seduced by light reds. The wine must be greedy, round and light, with soft and discreet tannins. It can be fruity, but forget about overly spicy wines. So go for sun-drenched wines from the south of France that remind us of Italy and other Latin countries. Why not try it with tomato sauce to add Italian flavours!

The ideal appellations for the salted pancake

We advise you wines from Provence which are generally very light and sunny, such as a Coteaux varois en Provence or a Côtes du Rhône Villages.

The pancake and wine: An astonishing but greedy agreement!

Historians have shown that the origin of the pancake dates back to 7000 years BC! Moreover, one did not speak about "pancake" at that time, but rather about "galette", like the famous buckwheat pancakes of Brittany. The old pancakes, or galettes, were made with a doughy mixture of several cereals. Thanks to the cultivation of buckwheat, the salted galette that we know today appeared in 13th century Brittany, then later it was made with white wheat flour.
Today, we can no longer do without this gourmet dish, so simple to prepare: the traditional wholemeal pancake. It is very often tasted with a bowl of cider, but contrary to popular belief, it can be very surprising and delicious with wine!

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