What to drink with a sweet pancake?

Pancakes and Candlemas, a whole tradition!

Pancakes, we could eat them all year long! At the beach, in winter by the fire... They are so tasty that they can be eaten in all seasons, but the time when we eat them the most is Candlemas!
But where does this tradition come from? Candlemas is celebrated 40 days after Christmas. In the Christian tradition, it is the day of the presentation of Jesus in the Temple. But like many religious holidays, it was originally a pagan holiday. Candlemas marks the period when the days become longer. We celebrated the return to light with a candle walk and by eating pancakes!
If at that time the pancakes were synonymous of solar disc, and thus of the return to the light, they are signs of greediness for us today! For young and old...

But which wine to choose for this delicacy?

To keep the sweetness and the sugar of the pancakes in your mouth, it is better to drink a light wine full of freshness, with a good balance. Let's choose sweet or semi-dry wines for a guaranteed sweetness, but let's avoid sweet wines which will be much too sweet!

Loire wines are perfect for their finesse and fruitiness. Try aVouvray, it is the perfect appellation for sweet and festive agreements. To be original and very greedy,the Rosés of the Loire are very appreciated, as well as the Rosésof Anjou. For bubbles lovers, you can preferChampagnes, as long as they are raw!

The famous chocolate-banana pancake: the gourmet alternative

A great classic for the end of winter afternoons, the one that makes gourmets salivate and that remains a hit in the hearts of the grown-ups... I named the chocolate-banana pancake! With sometimes slivered almonds for crunch, this pancake warms, nourishes and satisfies the taste buds. Beyond being a success of the snack, it is an association of complex tastes, fatty fruit, dry fruit, cocoa bean...The flavors are powerful and work very well together, so be careful when looking for a wine to pair it with at snack time for adults! You will have to choose among powerful, aromatic and not too sweet wines so as not to weigh down the sweetness of the pancake. Good news : these wines can be found in red, dry white and sweet : chooseBanyuls orMaury from Roussillon in red, pinot noir fromAlsace will be the right choice in white. Finally, sweet but not syrupy wines likeMuscat de Rivesaltes orRasteau will be suitable.

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The selection of Loire wines to accompany your sweet pancakes!

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