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What to drink with a paella?

If you are in a hurry

Paella combines a lot of flavours and textures, it is difficult to find what to match it with, white wine is the best ally in this case.

Which wine for the so pronounced tastes of paella?

The paella, it is a game of texture, an association of surprising taste and very perfumed spices : the complexity is there ! The rice is melting and voluminous, the meat is dense, the oils, peppers and spices bring the perfumes. The wine should therefore be smooth enough to accompany the meat, but it should not be too fragrant as it cannot compete with the aromas of the paella. The multiplication of perfumes could indeed almost harm the whole!

The wines which combine all these qualities are very often white wines, the red is really to be avoided, it will always have a palette of aromas too wide and too powerful. Rosé wines that are not too fruity can also be served with paella as a substitute for white wine!

The ideal appellations

French wines can accompany paella as well as Spanish wines! Wines from the South of France as well as in the Languedoc and especially in Corbières and the Côteaux du Languedoc and Roussillon will be very good to drink with a good wine.s adapted, but further north, in Burgundy and in Alsace, some sweet grape varieties such as Pinot Blanc and Chasselas, or Chardonnay and Aligoté! For the rosé, it is in Bordeaux that it will be the best adapted!

Paëlla, a southern dish for a southern wine

You know a lot about the dishes that are cooked, in family, surrounded by several cooks and in a frying pan size XXL? Not us, and this is what makes the charm of this dish, which symbolizes conviviality, sharing, and whose so particular taste never disappoints. Its name is singing, its origin leaves no doubt: the south is there! Spain is in our plates, we wonder now with which wine to accompany it ?

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