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What to drink when you like cocktails and rosé?

The sun is shining (at last), the birds are singing, summer is fast approaching and the consumption of rosé is growing. This fresh and sweet beverage is ideal at this time of year and to avoid a taste routine, why not imagine variations on your favourite rosé cocktail? Take a few ingredients, let your imagination run wild and shake it up! Here are our top 5 rosé wine cocktails:

The classic: Rosé Pamp' or Pamp'.

Spritz Rosé Grapefruit Pomegranate © Cuisine Addict

For a classic version of a cocktail without getting too excited, pour 9cl of rosé into a glass and add a base of grapefruit syrup. Your Rosé Pamp' cocktail is ready! You can also try a Champagne Rosé Pamp&rsquo version by replacing the rosé with rosé champagne!

The rosé cocktail Basque version

Rosé wine spritzer © Elle à table

You must be familiar with this typical drink of the Bayonne festivities: La Jacqueline. For a slightly more sophisticated version, pour rosé directly into a tumbler glass filled with ice cubes, then add sparkling water (Badoit, San Pellegrino, Vichy...) and finally a few drops of grenadine syrup. Its sweet taste is a treat for the taste buds!

A goddess cocktail

Karen Miner, She Knows

This cocktail which bears its name well is composed of rosé wine, a little raspberry cream, a few drops of lime and a hint of triple sec (Cointreau, Grand Marnier). It will be perfect for an aperitif, before you wiggle your hips on the dance floor.

The variant of the rosé cocktail

This one is quite classic and very fresh in case of strong heat! Pour into a wine glass 5cl of rosé wine, 6cl of citrus syrup and finally 4cl of orange juice.

A little marvel!

A cocktail to watch the sunset

If you like cognac, put some in the bottom of a glass, then add the rosé wine, orange Pulco and cane sugar syrup.

Drink slowly as you admire the view...


Guénaëlle (Les Grappes)

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