What to drink with a cheese platter?

Soft cheeses with washed or bloomy rind, cooked or uncooked pressed cheeses, fresh cheeses, goat cheeses... In addition to your choice of cheese, there is the historical battle between the "pro white wine" and the "pro red wine" to accompany cheese. White wine has proven its worth with cheese many times over. But with red wine, it is the consumer's "passion" side that expresses itself and often prevails. The wine and cheese pairing: a pairing that will always do the trick!

For each cheese, its own wine

For the rest of the article, we could have proposed the pairings for each of the 400 French cheeses. But the challenge is not exciting enough. And frankly, what will it bring you to know that a Pouligny-Saint-Pierre can be drunk with aPouilly-fuméa Pont-L'Évêque with aRed Burgundy or a Tomme de Savoie with aWhite Crozes-Hermitage! If your platter offers the 3 cheeses, you will not serve the 3 wines!

So what wine and cheese pairing should you choose?

We suggest 5 tips and wines to drink with your cheese platter:

  • Wine n°1 : the same wine as the main course ! Yes, if you have already opened several bottles and you are afraid of a difficult tomorrow, then don't take any risk and the wine of the main course will go very well with the cheeses
  • Wine n°2 :a Pouilly-fumé(Loire), a white wine that offers a good compromise and can therefore be drunk with several cheeses.
  • Wine n°3 :a Petit-Chablis(Burgundy), a dry and fruity white wine very pleasant before dessert.
  • Wine n°4 :a Saumur-Champigny(Loire), a red wine that also offers a good compromise, the counterpart of pouilly-fumé.
  • Wine n°5 :a Saint-Emilion(Bordeaux), a red wine with a good roundness that goes well with cheeses like many Bordeaux wines.

Again, many other associations are possible! The wine and cheese pairing is almost infinite. This selection proposes wines that will be good compromises. Have a good tasting!

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