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What to drink with chocolate?

If you are in a hurry

The bitterness of the chocolates is the main source of difficulty for the wine/chocolate pairing.

  • For dark/milk chocolate: Banyuls or Maury.
  • For white chocolate, you have to choose white wines: Gewurztraminer, Muscat de Rivesaltes du Chateau Lauriga .

So how to combine wine and chocolate?

Chocolate therefore has a very wide range of aromas like wine. What should we do and what type of wine should we choose? Chocolate has a great expression in the mouth, as wine can have, it invades you with different aromas that stay in the mouth for a while. There is also this slightly bitter side, especially for chocolates with a high cocoa content, which makes choosing and tasting difficult. One often thinks of Port to accompany chocolate but there are other alternatives in the French vineyards, with wines that are relatively close to Port.
It is thus necessary to think of softening this bitterness, one would thus leave on a red sweet wine to have an answer to the taste and a slightly sweet note which contrasts well with the bitterness. Sometimes chocolate very rich in cocoa can marry well with strong red wines but this is rather rare as bitterness does not marry well. As for white chocolate, it can receive a special treatment because it is more rarely presented in the form of a bar. It is often part of pastries and desserts and therefore to accompany it one can choose rather a late harvest wine, with its sweetness and sweetness.

Softly the wine

We remember that you need sweetness, a little sugar and colour to accompany the chocolate. To find wines close to Port, you can choose sweet red wines from Roussillon such as Banyuls or Maury. For white chocolate, you can find beautiful white wines from late harvests in Alsace with a Gewurztraminer. Also think of the Muscat de Rivesaltes of Chateau Lauriga which can be a good ally for your desserts!

Chocolate and wine?

Yes, wine is definitely a perfect product because thanks to its diversity it can adapt to all situations and especially to many dishes! Chocolate, so loved and consumed all over the world, appeared in Europe around the 16th century as a drink. Brought back from America by Cortés, first in Spain, it will quickly spread through the European courts as a luxury food. Incompatible with wine therefore, these two elements would only be associated later when chocolate began to be made in various solid forms by the "chocolate industry" of the time. The diversity of aromas present in chocolate could seem incompatible with that present in wine and yet it should not be misunderstood: it is possible!

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