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What to drink with the leg of lamb?

If you are in a hurry

The leg of lamb is traditionally drunk with red wines.

A strong meat, a rather light wine

Lamb is a very tasty meat, we find a very tender texture due to the cooking the strong taste of the meat. A good lamb can be the Limousin lamb which is perfectly suited for meat. With this dish you need a wine that will accompany the meat without taking over and breaking the tasty taste of the leg of lamb. Be careful not to take too strong wines that will not go well with meat, choose rather lighter, finer wines, with a discreet touch of woody, red and black fruits.

What to choose then?

You will of course find this type of wine in the red, for example in Burgundy or in the Bordeaux region with wines that are not too strong, fruity and that go well with the taste of the leg of lamb without taking over. For example, a Montagne-Saint-Emilion from Château Haut-Goujon or a Lalande-de-Pomerol from Château des Annereaux can do very well, and a Côte de Nuits-Villages in Burgundy is also a good choice.

The leg of lamb, a traditional alliance

Leg of lamb is a traditional dish from the South of France. Its development took place in the 19th century when French cuisine really began to exchange and the dishes began to travel. Today it remains anchored in the southern tradition and is particularly made in Spring. It is sometimes even referred to as the Easter leg of lamb! The leg of lamb is a dish that is traditionally cooked for a long time, as its name can sometimes indicate: "the 7 o'clock leg of lamb". This cooking aims at making the meat candied, which gives it a tender and tasty texture. Opt for a leg of lamb that cooks for a long time, and above all vary the recipes by adding spices such as Ras-el-hanout, honey or Sichuan pepper, vary the vegetables, make a small ratatouille as an accompaniment rather than the potato/carrot duo that too often accompanies this dish!

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