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What to drink with Candlemas pancakes?

According to popular belief, Candlemas is a tribute to the coming spring. Much better known as the occasion to taste pancakes, Candlemas is celebrated today for several days at the beginning of February. Which wine to choose to accompany our favourite pancakes? Whether salty or sweet, cider and beer reign supreme. For wine lovers or those who say no to routine, follow my advice...

If you are in a hurry

The wines of the Loire are perfect for their finesse and fruitiness. Try them:

With a chocolate-banana pancake choose :

  • A Banyuls or Maury du Roussillon in red.
  • A pinot noir from Alsace will be the right choice in white.
  • A Muscat de Rivesaltes du Languedoc
  • A Rasteau from the Rhone Valley.

My recommendations wine with pancakes:

With the traditional pancake (ham, egg, Emmental cheese melted to perfection): a fresh and easy to drink red. The "classic red" vintage of Château La Calisse. A springtime nose; an explosion of freshly picked blackberries. A greedy mouth with an invigorating finish.

Withsweet pancakes: a Crémant Blanc de Blancs from Domaine François Schwach. A crispy nose like a biscuit, with crunchy notes of Golden apples. A punchy mouth, punctuated by delicate bubbles.

For chocolate pancake "fans" (yes I know, it's not good...): a Banyuls is a must! Domaine Madeloc will intoxicate your senses with dried fruits (figs, currants), cocoa and spices (cinnamon). Its mouth will surprise you with its unctuous consistency and controlled sweetness.

Wines to be avoided with pancakes for Candlemas:

To avoid with salted pancakes: red wines that will coat your palate with sharp tannins.

With sweet pancakes: anything goes; the important thing is to treat yourself (but in moderation!).

Now that you are ready, you just have to know how to fold them!

The WINEista

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