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What to drink with a prime rib?

If you are in a hurry

The côte de bœuf deserves good red wines from the south!

  • You can start with a red wine from Bordeaux with Merlot or Cabernet-Sauvignon as a grape variety.
  • A red wine from Saint-Emilion or Graves
  • Good vintages also like reds of Languedoc or Provence with Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence or Bandol.

"I wonder which wine corresponds to the prime rib..."

Attention suspense... I think we'll go with red wine! Indeed no surprise on this point there. Attention nevertheless, any red wine does not go with the rib of beef. First of all it is necessary to nuance according to the cooking. Then, a wine that is too light, with too little tannin and not enough body will not stand up to the pronounced taste of the piece, and its grilled side if it is barbecued. A strong red wine with body should be chosen to accompany this meat. If you like rare, solid red wines with strong tannins are perfect. If you like it medium rare, less tannins will be needed, but on a personal note nothing beats a rare prime rib.

What names then?

Wines from the south, well sunny, will be perfect. You can therefore take a red Bordeaux wine made from Merlot or Cabernet-Sauvignon. These grape varieties behave very well on the red. A Saint-Emilion or a red wine from the Graves will therefore be perfect. Also consider reds from the Languedoc or also in Provence with beautiful red wines such as Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence or a Bandol. There are also options for younger wines where the tannins are a little less present, a half-bodied wine. They can bring out the taste of meat, but marriages are more complex.

The prime rib, a pleasure

The rib of beef is almost the caviar of the meat. It's not the finest piece, the most tender, the most beautiful, but it's the only one that really means something to my taste. The prime rib is a bit the real amateur's piece. This piece is just above the beef's "front legs", almost on its back. Whether grilled on the barbecue, pan-fried, plancha or baked, you are rarely disappointed with the result. Whether you share it with family or friends on a summer evening, there's always a good reason to make a good prime rib. Rib of beef, homemade fries, you get closer to a perfectly pleasure-oriented meal. But then what wine to drink on the prime rib?

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