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What to drink with a pork chop?

Our dear pork chop is declined in innumerable receipts: plain, with cream and mushrooms, with mustard, figs, Mediterranean, Thai, pepper, braised, lacqueredIt's all the problem with the pork chop, you never know what to accompany it with!

As with all these dishes which can be prepared in several ways, you just have to ask yourself the question: does my preparation take precedence over the meat in terms of taste?

If not, you can uncork a rather light red wine:

If yes, you have to make the agreement according to the accompaniment... There it gets complicated !

Let's take two examples:

  1. Which wine with a pork chop cream mushrooms: the cream and mushrooms will not take precedence over the meat, so you can opt for one of the above wines or if you prefer a more powerful wine like :
  • A Fitou from Languedoc
  • A Graves de Bordeaux
  • A Médoc of Bordeaux
  • A Chinon de Loire
  1. What a wine with a pork chop like paella, so much so that the paella takes the upper hand in terms of taste over the meat. So choose a wine that is more suitable for paella than pork chop, a more powerful wine, a wine of the sun:

Other pork chop recipes :

  • What wine with a honey-lacquered pork chop: A red Beaumes-de-Venise in Côtes-du-Rhône
  • Chaource pork chop and nuts: A Mercurey de Bourgogne, a Pernand-Vergelesses de Bourgogne
  • Pork chop with figs: Un Touraine Gamay
  • Pork chop with mustard: A Médoc from Bordeaux, and a Fronsac from the Southwest.

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