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Father's Day: choosing the perfect bottle for dad

Mother's Day is just about over, and it's already time to think about a gift for Dad. And you and we both know that every year it's the same thing. But not this time! The whole team has been racking its brains to help you find him a gift as nice as he is. With Les Grappes, you won't just be giving him a bottle of wine, but also the story and the people behind it. For your dad, we've pulled out all the stops: a selection that's just right for every budget!

Small budget?

Target the Beaujolais and Languedoc regions where you will find unknown nuggets at very low prices:

Chardonnay, Domaine Sibille

A white wine with a difference! Well rounded with an ageing on lees which gives it a fat sensation. On the palate, it will delight your father with its aromas of apricot and mirabelle plum.

Syrah, Domaine Sibille

The price is small but the wine is great! It is rich, it is structured, it is perfect. And even that a certain Alban commented: "Very good price for the quality of the product"!

The dingo of Bordeaux

One immediately thinks of Domaine Magnaudeix, in Saint Emilion. A small name in the Bordeaux region that nevertheless makes some great vintages.

Vieux Château Pelletan 2014, Domaine Magnaudeix

We love it for its aromatic intensity that reflects the richness of the Saint-Emilion terroir. On the palate, its strength and finesse form a delicious harmony that only makes us want to have more!

Ma Agnus Deï, Domaine Magnaudeix

This nugget is made from old vines, which is reflected in the mouth by a very strong aromatic intensity! A wine with a lot of finesse that will appeal to lovers of Bordeaux.

Papa Burgundy addict

Head for Pommard, the famous, the great, the immense! An estate that is all the rage at Les Grappes is the Château de Prémeaux. But beware, its nuggets are leaving at the speed of light.

Côtes de Nuits Villages, Château de Prémeaux

We love Arnaud because he puts as much love into his Côtes de Nuits Villages as he does into his grands crus. This slightly animal cuvée will delight a father who likes powerful wines, with smoky notes and blackberry jelly.

Pure green dad

Pinot noir Évidence, Domaine Gustave Lorentz

Have you been to the organic shops in your neighbourhood? Surprise him with a Pinot Noir from Alsace. Organic and vegan, of course.

Daddy chic

Carte d'Or, Drappier Champagnes

A Champagne with a kick! Or at least a nice personality. It is said to be "vinous", which means that it is close to white wine, unlike the lighter and more airy Champagnes. It has aromas of white peach and quince jelly, with a lot of roundness and elegance. In short, it's great.

Curious Dad

Dena Dela, Egiategia

To surprise him, there's nothing better than a Dena Dela: Emmanuel immerses his bottles 12m deep in the bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz during the second alcoholic fermentation. The result? An explosion of spices and fresh fruit with - as you might expect - a touch of iodine.

Does your daddy have a wiggle room?

Les Grappes offers a wide range of activities and tastings at winegrowers' in all the French wine regions: from visits to the gîte to an escape game, you'll find the perfect holiday for your dad!

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