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Our 3 tips for creating wine tourism activities in your area

Cultivating the vine, mastering the vinification or harvesting is an art. To develop an oenotouristic activity in one's domain is another! You wish to welcome visitors on your land? Do you want to increase your sales in situ? Here are a few tips to create an oenotouristic offer in your domain.

Knowing what you want to show the public

One of the first questions you will need to ask yourself is: what to show visitors? Depending on the period, the size of your estate, the wines you produce or the reception areas you have available, the answer to this question will not be the same. Indeed, according to the criteria mentioned above, you will make the budding oenologists discover differently the phases of wine creation. Once you have decided, you can then consider opening the doors of your wine storehouses, the maturing cellars or the château, for example. Without forgetting the vineyard, you will have understood it: there are a multitude of places to be discovered by tourists!

Choose your activities

The fact that each place has a specific role in the winemaking process allows you to offer visitors a wide range of activities. Classic or unusual, you will be able to have your vintages tasted (perhaps blindly), have visitors discover the different types of soil by strolling through the vineyards, have them taste the fermenting juices or offer an escape game in the cellars. In short, there are dozens of possible activities to help amateurs discover the vine, the wine and the profession of winemaker.

Communicating the wine tourism offer

Once your offer is designed and organized, it is very important to communicate about it, otherwise you may have spent a lot of time thinking about activities that will ultimately go unnoticed by consumers. Fortunately, there are several more or less effective communication channels to get people talking about your field. First of all, you can start talking about it around you: word of mouth is, according to experts in the field, the best marketing tool to make people talk about your activity. Secondly, in the digital age, it is wise to trust websites referencing the actors of wine tourism. Indeed, this digital strategy makes it possible to considerably increase the visibility of the offer, in a society where smartphones have become kings. Finally, don't be afraid and go to the media. On different geographical scales, present your offer on the radio or ask a newspaper to write an article about your initiative.

Lucas Chartier


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