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What to drink after a day of sales?

The holiday season just ended. Fortunately, the winter sales are here to start 2016 on the right foot! Will the pair of iridescent bronze boots and the chic cape coat still be there when we arrive? Whether fruitful or frustrating, what wine to drink after a day of sales?

When one is ruined?

When we blew the budget allocated to this frantic escapade of the re-entry (impossible to let pass such good bargains...), we celebrate that at a small price with a fine bubble of Vouvray!

Château de Valmer's traditional brut method has the makings of the greats! A nose that explodes with exotic fruits and white flowers. A mouth with a nice balance of freshness and a mineral finish.

An astonishing wine, guaranteed pleasure!

When we didn't find anything?

When nothing happened as we wanted and we come home empty-handed (feet in compote), we decompress with "the" bottle: the vintage Les Vieilles Vignes de Sainte Claire by Jean-Marc Brocard.

All the excellence of Chardonnay grown on the famous Chablis terroir. A dress in the sunny golden colour. A nose with a hallucinating aromatic power: white melon, dried apricots, quinces. An opulent attack on the palate, then lightened by its liveliness.

The wine of reconciliation!

Good luck!

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Audrey Martinez (Les Grappes)

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