What to drink for a business lunch?

On Tuesday lunchtime, your client is waiting for you in the brand new neighbourhood restaurant. Here you are in front of the wine list and you hesitate strongly on the choice of wine: red? White ? Rosé ? What to choose during this business lunch to please an important client without being considered as a wine lover?

How to choose the restaurant for a business lunch?

First of all, it is important to choose a place that will please your client. Rather young and dynamic? Opt for a neighbourhood restaurant with good value for money and varied cuisine.

Rather mature? It is best to have lunch in a cosy and quiet place. If you don't know it well enough and your customer is king, then let him choose the restaurant himself. He will feel even more comfortable in a place he knows or would like to discover!

What to drink as an aperitif during a business lunch?

It is essential at a business lunch to order an aperitif, especially if it is a very important client, and you want him to sign in the coming days. Put him/her at ease by discussing a little bit about the proposed dishes or the wine list. He could be the master of the decision but why not show him your innate talents!

So what to enjoy as an aperitif during a business meal? The best way to open your taste buds is a good champagne with fine bubbles, rather brut. Why not accompany this one with a small plate of shrimps or very fresh oysters? This will allow you to let your imagination run free and not rush to choose a good dish.

Indeed the choice of food and wine is the result of a good business lunch!

The choice of wine for the dish

Depending on what you decide to take, it is still better to choose a red wine, much more suitable for a business lunch - unless your client doesn't like or can't stand red wine! What better than a nice prime rib with a good Pomerol or a good Châteauneuf-du-Pape? List the different wines from these regions, your customer will be even more amazed!

What wine to end a business meal well?

If you finish with a chocolate dessert, avoid white wine and opt for red wine or a good Port, but if you choose a nice fruit tart, take advantage of this dessert to order a small glass of mellow.

I advise you to finish with a small Calvados or a good Cognac. And if ever your customer decides to sign, order the champagne right away!

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