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TOP 5 wine films

Between Cédric Klapisch, who has recently been wandering his cameras in the vineyards of Meursault, and Gérard Lanvin and Alice Taglioni, headliners of Premiers Crus, which comes out at the end of September, wouldn't wine become the new bankable star of French cinema? While waiting to see what it looks like, let's take a look at the wine films already released, which make you want to take on the French and Californian vineyards!

Sideways, on the California Wine Road

A comedy, a drama too, which follows a failed writer and his friend about to get married, on the wine road of California. It's about wine, but above all questioned. Whether you love it or hate it, Sideways remains a classic for anyone who loves American wines, or is planning a little trip to the Napa Valley.

It goes well with : a Merlot, of course !

You'll be my son, family history against the backdrop of a vineyard...

A French film shot in the heart of the vineyards of Saint-Emilion, which deals with the difficulty for a father to bequeath his estate to a son who doesn't match his expectations. Carried by the very good Niels Arestrup and Lorànt Deutsch!

It goes well with : a Saint-Emilion (what else...) !

A Good Year, rom' com' British in the vineyards of Provence

Russell Crowe, a British shark, moves from the City of London to a superb Provençal vineyard, which he inherits after his uncle's death. Romantic and cliché, it must be said. But the images are beautiful, the music is nice, the film is pleasant. Good when you love Provence and the British accent!

It goes well with : a Côtes de Provence Rosé !

The harvest of fire, the California of the 40's

A great romance with Keanu Reeves who plays a young GI back from World War II. His meeting with a young woman will lead him to a love story against the backdrop of family stories and Californian vineyards. A festival of colors and beautiful landscapes!

It goes well with : a Cabernet Sauvignon !

Bottle Shock, French wines vs Californian wines

Film inspired by a true story. A British oenologist (played by Alan Rickman), a bit of a snob, manager of a Parisian wine shop, decides to go on a trip to California to check out the rumours that are circulating about Californian vineyards: that the wine there is better than French wine! Dive into the 70's with a view on the sunny vineyards of the Napa Valley!

It goes well with : a Chardonnay !

Here is something to enrich your next movie nights!

Tiphaine, contributor Les Grappes

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