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How do you hold a glass of wine?

How do you hold a glass of wine? Why do wine glasses have a stem?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions without daring to ask around, here are some answers to have all the uses to drink your glass of wine with distinction.

History says that the foot avoided stories of poisoning, it has remained today by finding other functions.

If wine glasses still have a stem today, this is not only an aesthetic concern, it prevents the wine from warming up too quickly when it comes into contact with the hand. When a wine is served at 16° it is because it will best express its full aromatic palette at this temperature. It would therefore be a pity if your tasting deteriorated as you go along simply because of your hand!

The foot also allows you to appreciate the wine by observing its colour without obstructing vision with your fingers or fingerprints, then to aerate it by shaking the glass to bring out the aromas.

Now these few reminders made, how to hold the glass not to appear novice and to be able to go to your evenings being distinguished.
Let's start with the aperitif with champagne. Whether it is served in a glass or a flute, it should not be reheated to keep all the freshness and bubbles. Take the glass by the stem. The flute will allow you more ease, the glass is more adapted if it is a vintage champagne from old vines, the flute will prevent you from correctly appreciating all the aromas! If you don't have the right glasses, don't panic, you can also serve your champagne in classic wine glasses or narrower white wine glasses.

Wine glasses never stand on top, this warms up the contents. If you want to appreciate the olfactory qualities of what you are being served, the higher your hands are on the glass the more the smells of your hands (soap, cigarette, onion,...) will interfere with the wine's smell. The professional tasters will hold their glass by the foot. If you are a simple amateur like the majority of people take it by the stem. It is advisable to pinch the stem with the thumb and forefinger and let the other fingers settle naturally without squeezing them.

This will also allow you to spend the evening without leaving unsightly marks on your glass.

Be careful when filling the glass, you don't fill a glass of wine all the way to the top, you stop at the point where the glass gets tighter, for a tasting you only fill a third of the glass.

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