What is a plain wine and how to taste it?

Since a few years, we hear a lot about them. Some good, some not so good, everyone has their own opinion. Indeed, to taste a natural wine is to accept a new sensory adventure. We tell you everything about this new style of wine and especially how to taste it correctly to appreciate it at its true value ????

What is a natural wine?

It's a wine with no added sulfur, no inputs, no yeasts other than those in the grapes, on the vine, zero pesticides, in short it's a "naked" wine that doesn't cheat, zero chemistry, zero makeup.
Well, it's a start.

Give it time

Of course, when you open a bottle of wine, you want to drink it right away and not tomorrow. However, with natural wine, you have to make a little effort. The best thing is to open the bottle at least one hour before, so that the juice can take a little air, open up, get comfortable... The action is to be carried out all the more in the nature. With zero sulfur and zero inputs, the wine needs to be aired, decanted or slightly "shaken" andand stretch its legs at the risk of getting a reduction smell. Aromas not very sexy it must be said approaching the not very fresh egg or the stable ... (Rest assured it is normal).

Repeat the experience (often)

Not that we want to push you to drink, but for the novices of nature, the experience could from the first bottle result in a "love it or hate it" especially if the wine in question is a little reduced or still oxidized.

It's not clean, it's not serious

Tasting wines from different regions: Loire, Burgundy, Jura, Languedoc, Côtes-du-Rhône, Roussillon etc... The number of winegrowers is increasing and above all it will allow you to understand and discover the richness of "natural" wine and the way it expresses itself according to the region. In Paris, "natural" wine shops are springing up like mushrooms!

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