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oenologie - Top 10 des cépages à connaître - Les Grappes

Top 10 grape varieties to know

Tasting courses, literary entries, television reports, everything is done to tell us about French wine and our grape varieties (grapes used to make wine). Yes, but here it is...

Oenologie - Les petites appellations méconnues à découvrir ! Les Grappes

Little-known appellations to discover!

Les Grappes invites you to discover the little-known wine appellations that often hide some very pretty nuggets! Coasts of Ancenis Malvasia The Coteaux d'Ancen...

News - Vitiloire : C’est parti pour la 15° édition - Les Grappes

Vitiloire : Let's go for the 15th edition

The 15th edition of Vitiloire will take place on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May 2017 in Tours. This free event for the general public, which takes place in Tours, only 1 hour from Paris, puts the 79...

Oenologie - Est-il possible de boire du vin quand on est au régime ? - Les Grappes

Is it possible to drink wine when you're on a diet?

With spring and sunny days approaching, you're on a diet and you're probably on a calorie hunt! Of course, the best thing to do when you're on a diet is to avoid all the calories you need...

Oenologie - Tout savoir sur le Bordelais - Les Grappes

All about Bordeaux

When we talk about wine, the Bordeaux region is one of the first that comes to mind. Over the years, the wines of Bordeaux have been able to stand out from the crowd and today make it the most popular...

Oenologie - Pour ne pas confondre climat et météo... - Les Grappes

So as not to confuse climate and weather...

Climate of Burgundy: a word we see every day since their inscription on the UNESCO list, without knowing how to explain what it is. Let's shed some light on this somewhat obscure term! What's at the...

News - Fête des pères : choisir la bouteille parfaite pour papa - Les Grappes

Father's Day: choosing the perfect bottle for dad

Mother's Day is just about over, and it's already time to think about a gift for Dad. And you and we both know that every year it's the same thing. But not this time! The whole team has been working hard to find the...

Oenologie - Comment s’adaptent les vignerons pour faire face au réchauffement climatique ? - Les Grappes

How are winegrowers adapting to cope with global warming?

If only a few years ago some winegrowers were still sceptical about global warming, today the whole profession has become aware of the phenomenon and climate change...

News - La France prend les devants sur le plan de l'oenotourisme avec Visit French Wine - Les Grappes

France takes the lead in wine tourism with Visit French Wine

If the United States are the kings of wine tourism, France has not said its last word. In order to promote French wine tourism, Laurent Fabius, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, launched Vi...

Oenologie - Top 5 des petites appellations méconnues à découvrir - Les Grappes

Top 5 little-known appellations to discover!

Yes, because it's not only the great Bordeaux or Burgundy appellations that you have to drink and buy! Why not discover France through its little appellations...

Mets & Vins - Que boire avec un cassoulet ? - Les Grappes
#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with a cassoulet?

A good cassoulet from Castelnaudary is a dish that invites us to revisit French gastronomy. An emblematic dish of the Languedoc, it is in itself the true spearhead of the gastronomic dish....

News - Principales tendances d’innovation au service des vignerons : de la vinification à la distribution - Les Grappes

Main innovation trends for winegrowers: from winemaking to distribution

If Paris has become the capital of wine with the Wine Paris trade fair held from 11 to 13 February, France is the world capital of innovation for the wine industry. We wanted to r...