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Oenologie - Vin et santé : le vin e(s)t la santé - Les Grappes

Wine and health : Wine is healthy

In the beginning it was a French paradox. Why do the French have fewer cardiovascular diseases than people in other developed countries? Why is it that the occurrence of heart attacks...

Oenologie - Qu'est ce que le vin orange - Les Grappes

What is orange wine?

Orange wine has reappeared in cellars, on the market and in restaurants from the 2000s and is beginning to be appreciated by wine lovers. It arouses the curiosity of wine lovers....

Oenologie - Comment fait-on un vin liquoreux ? - Les Grappes

How do you make a sweet wine?

You have to be honest, it's the wine we taste the least. Very sweet, rather expensive, sweet wine is a "little pleasure" that we offer ourselves for an occasion, at the end of a meal or at the end of a meal....

Oenologie - Comment bien conserver son vin ? - Les Grappes

How to store your wine well?

Filling your cellar with a nice collection of wine bottles is good. Knowing how to preserve them is better! Because wine is a living and fragile product, which does not like to be rushed. Gwilherm...

Oenologie - Top 5 des documentaires incontournables sur le vin - Les Grappes

Top 5 must-see wine documentaries

After the guides and books on the world of wine, we propose you to meet, listen and see this universe through our selection of wine documentaries. Indeed, we invite you to...

Oenologie - Les vins de Sauternes : « L’extravagance du superbe » - Les Grappes

The wines of Sauternes : " The extravagance of the superb "

While the anti-LGVs have announced an appeal to the Conseil d'Etat to denounce the impact of this high-speed line on the great wines of southern Bordeaux, let's take the time to look at the situation....

Oenologie - Bien choisir son vin au restaurant - Les Grappes

Choosing the right wine in a restaurant

It is sometimes difficult to choose the right wine in a restaurant. Unlike at home, the choice of menu and wine is not necessarily made in advance. It is therefore a source of re...

Oenologie - Plus le vin est vieux, meilleur il est ! Vrai ou faux ? - Les Grappes

The older the wine, the better it is! True or false?

Wrong! Most of today's wines can and should be consumed quickly after they are purchased. Of course, some grands crus are made to be kept for several years after purchase, but ...

Oenologie - Top 5 des meilleurs livres sur le vin - Les Grappes

Top 5 best wine books

Nowadays, enjoying the good wines you are served is no longer enough. Whether you are wine lovers, new connoisseurs or simply curious. The list of wine books that we offer can be found on our website....

Oenologie - Qu'est ce qu'un vin en biodynamic ? Les Grappes

What is a biodynamic wine?

Well, we'll start at the beginning with a little briefing on biodynamics. It's easy! In the beginning... We owe this approach to agriculture to the Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, who ...

Oenologie - Quelles différences entre IGP et AOC? - Les Grappes

What are the differences between PGI and AOC?

The AOCs were introduced in the 1930s in a context where viticulture was terribly unregulated. An AOC is an appellation of controlled origin. A product that has the AOC label...

Oenologie - Tout savoir sur les vins de Provence - Les Grappes

All about the wines of Provence

A few words about the region You can recognize Provence by its rocky mountains, its fragrant lavender fields, but above all its wine! It all began 2600 years ago, when the Phocaeans founded the ...