Our Wine Food Agreements

#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink to go with mommy's meals?

Because they are the ones who stand up to soothe our nightmares, who comfort us after our first heartache, and who understand in a single glance our different moments of life. To...

#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with Christopher Coutanceau's line bar?

Christopher Coutanceau, double starred chef works only with local and seasonal products. He teaches his team that "Exceptional products make your meal exceptional...

#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink on Easter Monday?

After the winter numbness, Easter Monday marks the awakening of our senses; the lengthening days, the buds that hatch, the bees that forage, the memories of a child who has been with us for so long....

#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with couscous?

If there's one dish you can share, it's couscous! Generous and family-friendly, it may just be one of your favorites! This traditional meal from the Maghreb is a favorite among gourmets...

#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with a pastrami bagel?

The bagel: this round bun with a crown-like hole in the middle, a must in New York street food, is the "it-sandwich" of the moment! Which wine to choose to taste it? Eaten in a few tablespoons...

#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with raclette and Savoyard dishes?

What motivates me to put on an unseemly outfit, bulky shoes, to face the rigours of the mountains, are the Savoyard specialities that we gorgeously stuff ourselves with once we've had a jo...

#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink when you like cocktails and rosé?

The sun is shining (at last), the birds are singing, summer is fast approaching and the consumption of rosé wine is on the rise. This fresh and sweet beverage is ideal at this time of the year and ...

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#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink to celebrate graduation?

The beginning of July does not rhyme with aperitifs on the terrace and idleness for everyone. For some, it is also a decisive moment in their future lives! Indeed, the students who have ...

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#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink at your wedding according to your menu?

After the budget and the vin d'honneur, it's time for what will be one of the highlights of your wedding: the meal. I'm sure you've taken the time to carefully choose the food and wine...

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#Our Wine Food Agreements

How about a wine cooler for this summer?

We were looking forward to it, here it is at last: summer is back. And to quench your thirst, what better than a good ice cream with fruity flavours? Or a glass of rosé on the terrace? Yes, there is.