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News - Le recul de la grande distribution sur le marché du vin au profit des cavistes et du e-commerce -Les Grappes
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The decline of mass distribution on the wine market in favour of wine merchants and e-commerce

The mass retail sector is still the main player in the sale of wine on the French market today, accounting for more than 80% of total sales in volume. However, the last few years have shown an increase in the number of...

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Top 5 wine related corporate gifts

A box set signed "Les Grappes" Les Grappes offers your employees tailor-made boxes. This allows you to find THE composition that suits you and that will please you the most...

News - La forte tendance de la digitalisation des domaines viticoles - Les Grappes
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The strong trend towards digitalization of wine estates

Digital is developing in all sectors and for good reason, it is today a major source of business development! However, in the wine industry, it takes more time, ...

News - Les Grappes devient une entreprise B Corp® ! - Les Grappes
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Les Grappes becomes a B Corp® company!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - We are pleased to announce our B Corp (Benefit Corporation) label, a label that brings together companies that want to "Be good for the world and be good for the planet" and ...

News - Les innovations packaging green - Les Grappes
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Green packaging innovations

Today, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of packaging on the environment. This is driving the growth and innovation of sustainable packaging. Do you find...

News - Wine box : le phénomène des vins en boites ! Les Grappes
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Wine box: the phenomenon of boxed wines!

The booming monthly consumer product subscriptions, known as "boxes", are not sparing the wine industry. The "wine boxes" are multiplying, diverse and varied, in particular in the wine sector....

News - 5 DIY spécial mariage… autour du vin ! - Les Grappes
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5 DIY wedding specials... around wine !

When the good days return, it's the wedding season that begins. Are you one of the lucky ones planning to get married this year? Congratulations! If you're a wine lover, ...

News - «Wine is coming» : des vins inspirés par la série Game of Thrones - Les Grappes
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"Wine is coming": Wines inspired by the Game of Thrones series...

12 Australian wines inspired by the leading houses in the George RR Martin saga will be available at the launch of the fifth season of Game of Thrones. They will be totally in the spirit of the game...

News - Les sportifs français & le vin : une grande histoire d’amour - Les Grappes
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French sportsmen & wine: a great love story

In recent years, many of France's great sportsmen and women have decided to invest in wine and show their love for our favourite drink. Don't worry: between two matches of the tournament, they will...

News - Le top 5 des bars à vins à réserver pour votre afterwork - Les Grappes
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The top 5 wine bars to reserve for your afterwork

Wine is unquestionably part of French culture. Accompanied by a board of cheese or charcuterie, it comes to embellish our evenings in softness and refinement. What do you think of it?

News - Les vins d'exceptions se vendent aux enchères - Les Grappes
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Exceptional wines are sold at auction

Wine is increasingly being sold at auction, in auction rooms or online. The lots are prestigious, the prices are staggering and buyers from all over the world are flocking to the auction rooms or to the websites.

News - Mode&Vin : Quel vin avec quel style ou comment accorder un vin avec son look ? Les Grappes
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Fashion & Wine: Which wine with which style or how to match a wine with its look?

Do you find it unlikely, or even hard to imagine, to match the look of what you have in the glass? Fashion, couture and wine have much more in common than you might think. Each from the ...