Winegrower Portraits

Our winegrowers have great stories to tell you.
Portraits Vignerons - Portrait de la famille Milan, Produire des vins qui ne font pas mal à la tête - Les Grappes
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Portrait of the Milan family, "Producing wines that don't hurt your head."

The story begins when the grandfather of the Milan family acquired the estate. It is in this house that his family settles. On the advice of his neighbours and the inhabitants of the village, he decided to build a ...

Portraits Vignerons - Le château de Fontenay, un des pionniers de l’appellation Chenonceau - Les Grappes
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The Château de Fontenay, one of the pioneers of the Chenonceau appellation

When Nathalie and Philippe decide to move to Touraine with their family, they fall under the spell of the Château de Fontenay. This was the start of a great wine adventure for the entrepreneurs....

Portraits Vignerons - Regarde, tais-toi et apprends - Les Grappes
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"Watch, shut up and learn"

This rather austere family motto has enabled the Brocard family to establish the Jean-Marc Brocard estate as one of the star winemakers of Chablis. Wine, Earth, Nature and Tradition. Follow me! E...

Portraits Vignerons - Le domaine Pierre Luneau-Papin : des pépites en or dans le Muscadet - Les Grappes
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The Pierre Luneau-Papin estate: gold nuggets in Muscadet

Pierre-Marie is the winemaker of the Pierre Luneau-Papin estate in the Muscadet Sèvres et Maine. A scientist, but also a bit of a poet, a bit of a philosopher, full of humour, humility and clearly hum...

Portraits Vignerons - Famille Fabre : la nouvelle génération 100% féminine prend la relève. - Les Grappes
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The Fabre family: the new 100% female generation takes over.

The Fabre family has been established in the Languedoc for generations. Each one of them has put its mark on the Languedoc terroir. Louis Fabre was for a long time the captain of t...

Portraits Vignerons - Le château des Bormettes : un domaine de Provence qui voit rouge et blanc - Les Grappes
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Château des Bormettes: a Provence estate that sees red and white

Yannick's been working on the Bormette castle for five years. This great wine lover, who comes from a long line of Provençal winegrowers, has left the world of distribution to return to his first job....

Portraits Vignerons - Le Château des Annereaux vise l’excellence - Les Grappes
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Château des Annereaux aims for excellence

In 2017, Dominique, owner of the Château des Annereaux, hands over to his son Benjamin. That same year, the family estate celebrates its 10 years in Organic Agriculture. The occasion for ...

Portraits Vignerons - Alain Brumont a ressuscité l'appellation Madiran - Les Grappes
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Alain Brumont has resurrected the Madiran appellation.

He has spent the last thirty years working passionately to restore the Madiran appellation's reputation. Full of ambition, Alain Brumont, winemaker of Châteaux Montus & Bouscassé knows that ...

Portraits Vignerons - Portrait de la Famille Gremillet Le dynamisme est le moteur de notre famille - Les Grappes
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Portrait of the Gremillet Family " Dynamism is the driving force behind our family "

Diary #1: How well she grew up the little plot of vines my father had inherited from his mother! Since then, we in the Gremillet family have never ceased to develop, discover, enter into the...

Portraits Vignerons - Pas de faux cliché, nous ne sommes pas des châtelains ! - Les Grappes
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Château Lamothe de Haux: "No false cliché, we are not castelains! »

Diary #1: In 1956, the estate had only 4 hectares of vines. Today it is twenty times bigger! It was my wife Maria's grandparents, the Néel family, who took care of the vineyard....

Portraits Vignerons - Domaine de la Tourlandière : une histoire derrière chaque parcelle - Les Grappes
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Domaine de la Tourlaudière: a story behind each plot of land

We set off to meet the Petiteau-Gaubert family in the Pays Nantais in the Muscadet Sèvres & Maine appellation. Roland, winegrower of Domaine de La Tourlaudière opens the doors of a new property....

Portraits Vignerons - Clos des vins d'Amour : de l'amour dans le Roussillon - Les Grappes
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Clos des vins d'Amour: love in Roussillon

This week Nicolas Dornier talks about love. More original than the usual Valentine's Day greetings, this oenologist tells us about his passion for the Maury vineyards with his wife Christine, and about his ...