Winegrower Portraits

Our winegrowers have great stories to tell you.
Portraits Vignerons - Pas de faux cliché, nous ne sommes pas des châtelains ! - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

Château Lamothe de Haux: "No false cliché, we are not castelains! »

Diary #1: In 1956, the estate had only 4 hectares of vines. Today it is twenty times bigger! It was my wife Maria's grandparents, the Néel family, who took care of the vineyard....

Portraits Vignerons - Domaine de la Tourlandière : une histoire derrière chaque parcelle - Les Grappes
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Domaine de la Tourlaudière: a story behind each plot of land

We set off to meet the Petiteau-Gaubert family in the Pays Nantais in the Muscadet Sèvres & Maine appellation. Roland, winegrower of Domaine de La Tourlaudière opens the doors of a new property....

Portraits Vignerons - Clos des vins d'Amour : de l'amour dans le Roussillon - Les Grappes
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Clos des vins d'Amour: love in Roussillon

This week Nicolas Dornier talks about love. More original than the usual Valentine's Day greetings, this oenologist tells us about his passion for the Maury vineyards with his wife Christine, and about his ...

Portraits Vignerons - Journaliste et vigneronne, deux métiers pas si éloignés l'un de l'autre - Les Grappes
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Journalist and winemaker, two jobs not so far apart!

Diary #3: The adventure is long and costly, but the work of Marc, my father ends up bearing fruit. In 2005, the mollard makes its official entry in the French catalogue of grape varieties .

Portraits Vignerons - Un Ch'ti à Bordeaux - Les Grappes
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A Ch'ti in Bordeaux

Diary #2: In the North, they say you cry twice: when you arrive and when you leave. Before I moved to Bordeaux, I lived in Lille. As the son of a farmer, I...

Portraits Vignerons - Alain Brumont a ressuscité l'appellation Madiran - Les Grappes
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Alain Brumont has resurrected the Madiran appellation.

He has spent the last thirty years working passionately to restore the Madiran appellation's reputation. Full of ambition, Alain Brumont, winemaker of Châteaux Montus & Bouscassé knows that ...

Portraits Vignerons - La ferme des Arnaud : 2 frères agriculteurs qui racontent la réalité du bio - Les Grappes
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La Ferme des Arnaud : 2 farming brothers who tell the reality of organic farming

An organic estate since 1978, the Ferme des Arnaud estate is a family estate that has been handed down from generation to generation since the 1940s. For Martial and Samuel, the third generation at the head of the vineyard, the...

Portraits Vignerons - Le Champagne Gremillet est dégusté par des ambassadeurs du monde entier - Les Grappes
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Champagne Gremillet is tasted by ambassadors from all over the world.

The house of Gremillet promises us champagnes full of pep, which invite themselves into embassies and which have been around the world several times! Jean-Christophe Gremillet has gone from the world of finance to the...

Portraits Vignerons - Des plateaux télé aux vignes des Hautes-Alpes - Les Grappes
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From TV sets to the vineyards of the Hautes-Alpes

Diary #1 : I am a former TV journalist, I knew the spotlight before I decided to take over the family estate in Théüs, in the Hautes-Alpes. Between my mountains and P...

Portraits Vignerons - 2009, un grand millésime à la Tour By - Les Grappes
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"2009, a great vintage at La Tour de By."

Diary #3 by Benjamin Richer de Forges, winemaker at Château La Tour de By: This week, I continue to tell you the story of La Tour de By... My grandfather became the sole owner of the Château La Tour de By and ...

Portraits Vignerons - Emmanuel Poirmeur, le viticulteur de l'impossible - Les Grappes
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Emmanuel Poirmeur, the winegrower of the impossible

In the latest issue of Thalassa, he is nicknamed the winemaker of the impossible. Emmanuel Poirmeur, winemaker at the EgiaTegia estate, is clearly not afraid of the impossible. He has taken the gamble of settling in...

L'actu de nos vignerons - Michel et Dominique Bernard du Château Beauchêne - Les Grappes
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Michel and Dominique Bernard: "Jean-Louis Trintignant was born here at Château Beauchêne! »

Today, we have an appointment with Michel and Dominique Bernard from Château Beauchêne. An opportunity to learn a little more about them! Identity : Michel Bernard Profession : Winemaker Region:...