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Domaine de la Tourlaudière: a story behind each plot of land

We set off to meet the Petiteau-Gaubert Family in the Pays Nantais in the Muscadet Sèvres & Maine appellation. Roland, winemaker of Domaine de La Tourlaudière opens the doors of a family property full of history and charm!

The Petiteau-Gaubert family: a family of winegrowers in the Loire Valley

I was born into a family of winegrowers, some of whom had remarkable personalities. Two sagas marked my childhood: - That of the Domaine de la Tourlaudière and that of my maternal grandmother. Widowed at a very young age, she carried her vineyard at arm's length for a generation while my paternal grandfather, a cooper and winemaker, was particularly creative and philosophical. Listening to them, I learned and understood the "why" of wine and - through my oenology studies, I learned the "how". I then decided to share my life and this thirst for learning with my wife, herself a winemaker.

The importance of terroir for the Petiteau-Gaubert family

Each plot has a history, transmitted orally or written down in old family documents. The terroir is difficult to define. It is first of all a potential where the soil and the environment of the plot give the product qualitative possibilities, which the winegrower and the vintage will know how to develop. These particularities give each cuvée a gustatory "touch" and a particular emotion.

The meeting with the Château d'Yquem

I studied oenology at Château La Tour Blanche in Sauternes in 1972. At the end of our studies, our favourite teacher Mme Colette Navarre invited us to the Château d'Yquem and we tasted the 1947.

Domaine de la Tourlaudière : from father to son

It's probably harder for my son to work with his father than the other way around! This was my case when I started working with my father, and he himself had told me about the difficulties he encountered with my grandfather.

Confidences of Roland Petiteau, winemaker at Domaine de la Tourlaudière

If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am rebellious and friendly! My favourite wine would be the wine from a harvest at the end of November: very late harvests with friends, a crazy challenge for a few bottles with an incredible flavour, the price of which would never be calculated. If I had to choose my favourite time of the year, it would be winter! Winters are mild in the Pays Nantais, the vines are at rest. Work is divided between pruning the vines and evenings in the cellar where the young wine is discovered and imagined. And I will even share a secret with you: I have kept my 1976 harvest beard, a remarkable vintage!

Roland's anecdote about the competition "la Pipette d'Or" (The Golden Pipette)

For the 2000 harvest, we were awarded the pipette d'or, it is a unique, local and very emblematic reward that you rarely get more than once in a winegrower's life. As winner of the 2000 vintage, I was asked to participate in the final selection of the 2001 vintage. When we discovered the bottles, our 2001 had come second and I obviously didn't recognize it.

Roland Petiteau, the rebellious winemaker of the Loire Valley

What I can't stand is the unmeasured adherence to the trends of the moment. After being annoyed by this, I became completely indifferent to hyper technological wines, then to hyper woody wines and recently to some completely crazy "natural" wines.

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