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Elise Gaillard: "There is a lack of interest in our young winegrowers".

Diary #3: I found it harder to be young than to be a woman. We are not often taken seriously, and we are not listened to very much. But I've always liked to take up challenges!

Elise Gaillard, daughter of Pierre Gaillard, talks to us about the credibility of young winegrowers

There is not much mixing of generations (the "old" with the "old", the "young" with the "young"!). I was quite surprised at the lack of interest in young winegrowers, newcomers. And I'm not necessarily talking about me being lucky enough to be a "daughter of", but I've seen it often enough!

The guides talk more about established areas, consumers go more to people they have already seen, in whom they trust (it seems obvious!) and you're not really credible until you pass the 40 years mark I think! Luckily, I have a few white hairs to make me credible (and a nice last name!)!

Elise Gaillard, combative winemaker of Domaine Madeloc

When I arrived in Banyuls, I had just finished my studies. I had travelled a lot (and I had had a lot of fun!) and we were getting into serious things! It was a lot of things to handle on my own, but I was "pumped up"! I like challenges and I started in this state of mind (and I always keep it!). The first thing that was a bit difficult for me was to realize that in fact, I didn't know anything! I thought I had learned things at school, in my internships and summer jobs... But there are so many notions to know that it was all nothing! I called my father every day: a lot for technical questions, because my training was not very much. Is it better to put the pump before or after the filter?! What tool do you use to clean the tanks?

What's that thing for? ... this question, I've had it many times!

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