Portraits Vignerons - Journaliste et vigneronne, deux métiers pas si éloignés l'un de l'autre - Les Grappes

Journalist and winemaker, two jobs not so far apart!

Diary #3: The adventure is long and costly, but Marc, my father's work is finally paying off. In 2005, mollard made its official entry in the French catalogue of grape varieties. A great reward for the winegrower and the institutions that supported him!

Laetitia Allemand : I am a winegrower and a journalist.

It must be said that before becoming a winemaker, I was a journalist. I'm still a little bit... When I'm asked what these two professions have in common, I answer that they're not so far from each other ! In both cases, you have to be curious, enjoy meeting people, enjoy sharing and exchanging...

Besides, for me, wine is the result of a real "work of authorship". It is the fruit of a particular terroir but also and above all the expression of the sensitivity of the winegrower who created it.

The oenologist Jacques Puisais used to say "I want wines that have the mouth of the place where they were born and the guts of those who made them".I share the same aspirations. I hope to make you discover atypical and singular wines, and to share with you the adventure of my reconversion!

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Laetitia Allemand, winegrower of Domaine Allemand

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