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La Ferme des Arnaud : 2 farming brothers who tell the reality of organic farming

An organic estate since 1978, the Ferme des Arnaud is a family estate that has been passed down from generation to generation since the 1940s. For Martial and Samuel, the 3rd generation at the head of the vineyard, 2016 is a crucial year: it will be their first real year of vinification. The two brothers who took over the estate a few years ago are not idle: they juggle today between committed viticulture and diversification. Samuel Arnaud tells us about the history of the family estate and the challenges of organic viticulture in the Rhône Valley.

La Ferme des Arnaud(Rhône Valley) : organic estate since 1978

In 1940, our grandfather Yves Papé planted the first vines of the domain on land abandoned during the war. After the Second World War, he created a cooperative cellar. When, a few years later, our father joined him on the estate, they made a decision that would change the history of the estate: they decided together to convert the vineyard to organic farming. In 1978, after many years of hard work, they decided to convert the whole estate to organic. Even if he was for a long time taxed as an enlightened person by his neighbors, our father is today clearly an organic pioneer. The years go by, and in 2008, it is Martial, my younger brother, who takes over the domain and I join him a few years later, in 2013.

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Samuel Arnaud : " The earth, the plant, the man... We are in the living world, and we must know how to adapt ".

Martial, my younger brother, is totally addicted to wine: he lives wine, eats wine, sleeps wine... With a training in oenology, he went to New Zealand to perfect his skills and live his passion.As for me, I have an engineering background in control, I was installed in Haute-Savoie with my family. In 2008, Martial took over the family estate, and I decided to follow him a few years later. I left a stable and well-paid job to take my family to the vineyard and learn the life of a farmer. And I admit it: It's hard. The work is harder, the income less, but the children grow up in the vineyard, and our work is much more rewarding, because we touch the living.

Today, for example, we have had to change some of the hectares bordering the domain back to integrated cultivation, to avoid the spread of flavescence dorée, a disease that attacks the vines in the region. Organic cultivation is very effective as a preventive measure, but much less so in the event of a virus attack. So we always have to adapt and find solutions, and that's what we like. Some will talk about constraints but our vision of things is different... We are clearly in the living world: the earth, the plants, and the people, and we have to adapt. If we wish to perpetuate our domain, and continue to live from our work, we have to sacrifice today a little of our organic philosophy in order not to lose everything.

Our favorite vintages of the domain:

Entre Nous 2021: A ruby color, aromas of fruit and slightly liquorice with relatively fine tannins. A delicate wine with a nice length.

Souviens-toi 2020: An intense purple color with spicy, woody and slightly toasted aromas. A wine with a nice complexity.

S'Kiss - 2021 : Velvety, ultra fruity wine with a big dominant of raspberry aroma.

Discover the vintages of Ferme des Arnaud

The future of the Arnaud's Farm and their Côtes du Rhône: diversification

Our medium-term objective is to leave the cooperative cellar and to build our own wine-making cellar, in order to better highlight our daily work. Today, out of the 15 ha we have, only 20% are exploited. In 2016, our first real year of vinification, we will produce 25,000 bottles. With this new project, we hope to produce 48,000 bottles in 5 years.

We are lucid about the future and diversification is our only salvation. Committed, we favor short circuits like the one of lesgrappes.com or la ruche qui dit oui.

La Ferme des Arnaud not only produces Côtes du Rhône, Côtes du Rhône Village and Vacqueyras wines, but also AOC Nyons olives, olive oil, table grapes and grape juice, which is very famous.We won the gold medal at the general competition again this year!

Martial had the idea to create an animation in the middle of the vineyards which was a great success last year, and which we will repeat this summer. In the middle of the vineyards, we have set up a stage and every Thursday evening we offer free concerts. Facing the Mont Ventoux, the spectators will be able to taste the wines of the domain and a plate of regional charcuterie. Are you coming to see us this summer?

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Stephanie (Les Grappes)

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