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Champagne Gremillet is tasted in 82 countries.

Diary #3: You are surely wondering what is the symbolism behind the spiral of our corks? I explain to you the reasons behind the choice to have a signature cap for our champagne bottles, and also why we planted 82 trees in our botanical garden!

Le Clos Rocher or my father's dream come true

On the initiative of my father was born in 2012 our Clos Rocher - one of the few Clos in Champagne. It is located in the commune of Les Riceys, the Mecca of Champagne production. A surface of 1.40 ha of pinot noir with the best exposure: south - south-east. It is part of the move up-market that we wish to operate and will give birth in 2017 to the most prestigious cuvée of the house.

This small jewel has a pretty cadole at the top of its hill. Historically, "cadole" was the name given to the old vine huts in the vineyards of Aube in Champagne and Southern Burgundy. The cadoles were often built with dry stones removed from the vines during the creation or maintenance of the latter. They were used as shelters for the winegrowers. Our cadole is more spacious, you can sit around a table for 8 to 10 people, with a breathtaking view of the Clos Rocher vineyards.

An Arboretum of 82 trees for the 82 countries where Champagne Gremillet is tasted.

Next to the Clos, we have created an Arboretum of 82 trees, each tree coming from a country where Champagne Gremillet is tasted. With this very special botanical garden, we wanted to pay homage to our beginnings in export at the beginning of the years.es 80's, to the many French embassies abroad, historical clients of the house but also a message of perennity for future generations.

The spiral of Champagne Gremillet caps, a strong symbolism

Another strong symbol: we have introduced on our caps (the caps are the covers that cover the corks and their muzzles) a spiral so that our bottle of champagne is easily recognizable when it emerges from an ice bucket. Thinner at the top of the neck, it widens as it reaches the shoulder of the bottle. This spiral symbolizes life's journey with its ups and downs, its small and great successes, but also self-actualization and the impulse towards the other. Beautiful values of optimism and openness which are those of our House and which resonate all the more in today's context .

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