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How can you improve your online reputation?

Internet, this word is an integral part of our vocabulary and our daily life. The first reflex today when looking for something is to go look on the Internet. It also works for the places we want to visit, we look before online at the address, notices, photos ... The impact of the web on businesses is no longer to be proven and is constantly expanding. It is therefore essential to take into account the e-reputation of your establishment and to include it in your development strategy. The whole issue is to publish relevant and adapted content, and above all on a regular basis.

Adapted content, what is it?

The basis of your content should be the Google fact sheet. This is the first thing that appears when you search for an establishment on Google. This sheet is a bit like an identity card and contains the main information about your company. If this form is not or incorrectly filled in, it can be detrimental to you.

Next, you need your entire business to be visible on the internet. The customer must be able to find you quickly by typing your name in the search bar. This also requires a website where navigation is easy and instinctive, whether the customer is on a phone or a computer.

The website must also be complete, the customer must be able to find all the information he is looking for or be able to contact you if he wishes to have more. Everything must be displayed: menu, services, photos, customer reviews and if possible a way to book directly via your site. The content should stand out, sometimes it makes sense to create a blog on your website to be able to publish even more content related to your business. This content will attract traffic to your website.

Having a complete website is not enough these days, you also need to be present on social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, you have to be everywhere! You must also publish content regularly on these networks so that your subscribers don't forget you and so that the curious who don't know you yet can discover your universe. On your social networks we need to find your contact details, the link to your website and some nice and eye-catching pictures. Clients also love accounts that interact with their subscribers and respond to comments and messages. In addition, this is an effective way to respond directly when some customers are unhappy and prevent the situation from escalating.

Opinions about your establishment are important

Opinions are very important because this is what your potential customers look at before coming to your establishment, they should not be neglected. It is therefore necessary to encourage customers to leave their opinion on your site because it builds loyalty and gives a feeling of confidence to future customers which can only strengthen your credibility. Once the opinions left, it is very important to respond to them, whether they are good or bad. Especially if they are bad, not answering them would be a disservice to you because "not saying a word consents", you will need to take the time to respond to understand what was wrong, fix it if possible, apologize and make sure the mistake is not made again. And if the negative comment is unjustified, then you will have the opportunity to set the record straight for those who see it understand the situation and do not rely on it.

Whether the opinion is positive or negative, always invite the customer to come back, to confirm his positive opinion or on the contrary to form a new opinion! Use humor in your answers and a light tone because these opinions are only positive in the end. They allow you to know what you like, what you don't like so much and to constantly improve.

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