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How to make your wine list an asset for your hotel?

Any wine list must respect certain basic rules but when it comes to a wine list in a hotel other specificities are added and it is necessary to be very attentive to them.

To meet the expectations of its customers your customers

First of all, your wine list must perfectly target your clientele.

It is important to know that in general foreigners do not always have a great knowledge of wines, so they will first turn to wines that are familiar to them. This means that it is essential that you offer wines on your wine list that are known throughout the world and that speak to us all. It is impossible to have a complete hotel wine list if you don't have Chablis or St. Joseph. You will have to have some basics but also offer for the customers who know more about it and are looking for the rare pearl of the regional appellations, and small producers who stand out from the others.

Foreign customers love and know more about the grape varieties than the wines, they will regularly ask for a bottle of Chardonnay or Sauvignon for example, so you will propose wines that will suit them and explain why.

Telling a story

Each wine list must tell a story and your staff must be able to tell it. Your customers expect quality wines and expect you to know your wines inside out. You have to seduce the customer, and think about putting the winemaker in the spotlight. The customer needs to be guided in his choice of wine and will lean towards one winemaker rather than another if he knows part of his history or an anecdote about him. Your wine list must be complete and it is smart to choose to work on well-known references but from small producers. These small producers will be the asset of your wine list for your hotel.

Create a menu in the colours of your hotel

To finish the map must match your hotel and agree with what you propose. The food and wine pairings are very important in a hotel, a successful alliance between a food and a wine allows to live an unforgettable moment and to multiply the flavours tenfold. Guests will keep a beautiful and above all good memories of their meal. It is also necessary to offer wines according to the seasons and always propose a wine from the region where your hotel is located. Some customers like to find local products when they are in a hotel.

The little extra

Organizing animations in your hotel to make your customers discover your beautiful wine list is the best way to seduce them. You can bring in winemakers, highlight a vintage, offer them to participate in a tasting... They like to live unique experiences.

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Build an inimitable wine list and save a lot of time when ordering.

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