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The 3 compulsory indications on the wine list

Updated on January 24, 2023

Your wine list is an essential element of your customer relationship. Beyond the design and marketing aspects, the wine list, like the menus, must include mandatory information.

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Mandatory information for your wine list

According to the EEC regulation n° 2392-89 of July 24, 1989, art. 40, only three elements must appear on your wine list: the legal name, the quantity served, and the price.

"The name and presentation as well as any advertising must not be erroneous and of such a nature as to create confusion or mislead the persons to whom they are addressed, in particular with regard to : the nature, composition, alcoholic strength by volume, color, origin or provenance, quality, vine variety, or nominal volume of the containers. "

1. The legal sales denomination

This corresponds to the exact designation of the wine as it is sold and presented on the bottle or the invoice. Be careful not to designate it only by its grape variety or by the name of the domain, it is necessary to specify the appellation, depending on the case:

  • PDO (protected designation of origin) or AOC (controlled designation of origin) as well as the name of the appellation
  • IGP (protected geographical indication, formerly "vin de pays") and the name of the protected indication
  • If there is no geographical indication (formerly "vin de table"), give the legal name (wine, sparkling wine, carbonated sparkling wine,...) then the origin given on the label. For example: "vin de France", "vin mousseux de la Communauté européenne", etc.

2. The quantity served

The quantity must be indicated in centiliters (cl) and must be the same as the volume mentioned on the bottle (generally 75 cl). This indication is also compulsory for the sale of wines by the glass, pitcher or carafe.

If you offer your wine in several containers, you must specify the capacity for each of these containers.

The container (except for the bottles) must indicate the volume of capacity thanks to a mark engraved on it. For bottles, the capacity is indicated on the bottle and it must always be opened in the presence of the consumer.

3. The price

The net price, including service, must be indicated in euros and in a clear manner, without erasures or anything that could create a misunderstanding about the amount.

The optional mentions and their obligations

The optional mentions correspond to all the additional information that can be added about the wine and its characteristics. Be careful, these mentions must be justified to your customers by a written proof (label, invoice...). It can be the following elements:

  • The name of the domain
  • The name of the vintage
  • The commercial brand
  • The vintage (be careful, if you indicate the vintage of a wine on your card, you must be able to provide it to your customers. If it is not available, it is mandatory to indicate it clearly on your menu, otherwise it may be a misleading commercial practice. The same applies if a bottle is no longer available because its stock is empty).
  • The grape variety
  • The production method (organic, biodynamic...)
  • The possible medals or awards obtained by the vintage
  • The alcohol content...

The purpose of this regulation on wine lists is to offer the customer the greatest transparency on the wine he is about to consume. For the restaurant owner, this transparency allows to guarantee a professional and reassuring image to the customers by avoiding bad surprises.

It is then up to you to make sure that your wine list is attractive, that it makes customers want to order wine: make sure that it is aa real marketing toolfor your restaurant! Don't hesitate to look for advice and examples of successful wine lists if you are having troublebuilding your wine list and selecting your wines.

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