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Training required to open a restaurant

When opening a restaurant you will surely ask yourself the question whether you need a diploma or not?

The answer is no, but you will still have to follow some compulsory training and obtain licences and permits in order to be able to sell alcohol for example, we explain everything to you!

A diploma to open a restaurant?

Having a diploma can be a plus when looking for funding. Indeed, banks generally appreciate that at least one of the people who carry the project if you are several have experience in the world of restoration. This gives credibility to your project, but it is by no means mandatory. Anyone who wants to open an establishment can do so.

Compulsory training to follow

However, you should not think that the fact that you don't need a diploma means that you don't need any baggage to open your own restaurant. Indeed, several training courses and permits are required

1 - Training to obtain the operating licence

To obtain an operating permit, which is mandatory when you want to open a bar or restaurant, you must follow a paid training course, the duration of which varies according to your past professional experience.

  • A 20h training course for people under 10 years old as an operator of a pub
  • A 6-hour training course for people over 10 years old as an operator of a pub

This training is provided by one of the training bodies approved by order of the Minister of the Interior.or by the chambers of commerce and industry (a list of these organisations can be found on the site of the Ministry of the Interior).

Once obtained the license is valid for 10 years. At the end of the 10 years it must be renewed by a one-day training in the same centres as mentioned above.

The aim of this training is to make future entrepreneurs aware of subjects such as the fight against alcoholism, the protection of minors, narcotics, drunkenness on the public highway and the principles of civil and criminal liability.

This training is essential to subsequently obtain the restaurant licence or IV licence to sell alcohol.

2 - Training to sell alcohol after 10pm

Since 2010, all establishments wishing to sell drinks with alcohol between 10 pm and 8 am must follow the all businesses wishing to sell alcoholic drinks between 10 pm and 8 am must follow a specific training, permit to sell alcoholic drinks at night also called PVBAN.

This permit is valid for 10 years. At the end of the 10 years it has to be renewed by a one-day training.

3 - Food hygiene training

Training in food hygiene is also compulsory.

This training must be followed by at least one of the restaurant's staff unless one of the staff has at least 3 years experience as a manager or operator.

The training lasts 14 hours. Its aim is to teach the restaurant owner the possible risks in terms of food hygiene and the mandatory rules to be respected.

The list of the establishments issuing it is in the directory of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In case of lack of respect of these rules of hygiene, you risk a warning if the infraction is benign but this can go as far as a report or even the closure of the establishment if the health of the consumers is endangered.

The training courses that are recommended to follow

Some training is still useful and recommended in order to have a global vision of the restaurant business and to be comfortable with the basic notions. Management, accounting, cooking, room service, wine sales... are all skills that are not easy to learn "on the job".

Structures such as the AFPA (The National Agency for Adult Vocational Training), the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), the IFOCOP (The Institute of Permanent Commercial Training), the CNFCE (National Training Centre) or the CNED (The National Centre for Distance Education) for example are able to provide training in all these areas, do not hesitate to visit their sites.

A real trend, restaurant incubators are multiplying. They allow people wishing to open their establishment to become true entrepreneurs and to have all the keys in hand to make their opening a success. Concept development, writing a menu, communication strategy, calculation of ratios, all aspects of the business are studied.

We recommend you:

  • La Frégate: future restaurateurs learn how to better define their positioning, their product offer, their prices, calculate their costs, plan their production... So many reflexes and techniques that are essential to becoming a successful restaurateur.

  • Ferrandi Entrepreneurs: certified training (CCI France certification), eligible for funding by your CPF. It is intended for anyone with an entrepreneurial project in catering, pastry, take-away sales or food delivery.

For cooking training, we recommend you :

  • Cuisine instruction manual: "The concept: free training in cooking, baking, food service and seafood for people far from work. The course lasts 11 weeks, leading to a diploma recognized by the State and the professional branch".
  • Cooking schools :French cooking schools are internationally recognized. And for good reason: the best chefs in the world are trained there every year. These schools offer courses ranging from Bac+1 to Bac+6. Training courses of excellence that attract a large number of students every year.
  • L'école des pros : L'Ecole des Pros provides you with: A personalised follow-up throughout your online teaching, a Students' Area where you will find all your courses and a diploma guarantee or 100% refund on all our diploma preparations.

For wine sales training, we recommend :

  • Les Grappes : The training is carried out by a specialist in the sale of wine in restaurants. The 7 hour day-long course provides the basics of winemaking and wine tasting as well as the techniques to better advise, serve and sell the wines on your wine list.

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