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Nos conseils aux professionnels - Les évolutions de la consommation du vin au restaurant - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

Changes in wine consumption in restaurants

Studies inform us that wine consumption has continued to decline since the 2000s in Europe. This gives us the opportunity to look into the evolution of wine consumption,...

Nos Conseils aux Professionnels - Comment faire une carte des vins de restaurant - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

How to make a restaurant wine list

This week, we address professionals who are looking to establish and enhance their wine list. But this article is also for those who are curious and would like to discover the rules and regulations of the wine industry.

Nos conseils aux professionnels - Proposer du vin chaud en hiver dans son restaurant - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

Offering mulled wine in winter in his restaurant

Winter has set in and so has the cold that accompanies it. To keep warm, the approach of Christmas and the festive season is a good opportunity to stroll through the Christmas markets and the delicacies they have to offer.

Nos conseils aux professionnels - Comment faire de sa carte des vins un outil marketing - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

How to turn your wine list into a marketing tool

The wine list is the medium between your products and the consumer. It must therefore be effective, so as to seduce and inform the customer. It is the wine list that promotes the wines. To do this, ...

Nos Conseils aux restaurateurs - Calendrier des Marronniers 2020 - Spécial Restauration - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

Chestnut Tree Calendar 2020 - Catering Special

The year 2020 is barely starting to dawn, but already we have to anticipate the events that will punctuate this new year. In order to build customer loyalty and make itself known to new clients, the company must be able to...

Nos conseils aux restaurateurs - Quels vins proposer avec un brunch à la carte de son restaurants - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

What wines to offer with an à la carte brunch in his restaurant?

Brunch is trendy and more and more restaurants are offering it à la carte in their establishments (on Sundays in particular) to allow their customers to benefit from this culinary concept that is becoming increasingly popular....

Nos Conseils aux restaurateurs - Revendeurs : 5 chiffres qui vont vous donner envie de faire une Foire aux Vins dans votre établissement - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

Resellers: 5 figures that will make you want to do a Wine Fair in your establishment?

If you are a wine merchant or if you have a wine department in your establishment, it is difficult not to propose a Wine Fair at this time of the year. The Foire aux Vins is no longer reserved ...

Nos conseils aux professionnels - La réglementation du vin au verre - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

The regulation of wine by the glass

The practice of serving wine by the glass is becoming more and more widespread. It is therefore subject to regulation, in order to control abuses, to preserve the quality of the product, while protecting p...

Nos vins aux professionnels - Comment Exporter des vins Français? - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

How to export French wines?

Wine is not a commodity like any other. Unlike other consumer products, trade in wine is subject to complex regulations on the international market. The laws governing the ...

Nos conseils aux professionnels - Quand ouvrir son 2ème restaurant ? - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

When to open his second restaurant?

Opening your own restaurant is never an easy task, but once you've managed to find a concept that works and develop your establishment, it's very tempting to want to continue on this path....

Nos conseils aux professionnels - Les outils digitaux indispensables pour les restaurateurs - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

Essential digital tools for restorers

Digital has made its way into most sectors and the restaurant business is no exception. For the past few years, digital has been inviting itself both at the table and behind the scenes in the catering industry....

Nos conseils aux restaurateurs - Comment financer l'ouverture de son restaurant - Les Grappes)
#Our advice to restaurateurs

How to finance the opening of his restaurant?

Funding as always is the sinews of the war, without it, it is impossible to carry out your projects. This is why we offer you here several methods of financing in order to help you to...