How did the bar-restaurant Lao (Paris 9th) create a varied and dynamic wine list with a single supplier?

Updated on December 13, 2022

LaoLes Grappes, short for Laos, is a bar-restaurant, rue de Douai in the heart of Pigalle in Paris. When you enter, you will be immediately charmed by the decoration (home-made) and the good mood of the two owners Nina & Dani. Friends for more than 10 years, they realized their dream last April: to open their own Laotian bar!

"I wanted to democratize Lao cuisine (my country of origin), an Asian cuisine that is too little known, and to make it a little more modern, young and trendy.

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Lao's expressed ambition for his wine list:

"What we want to offer people is a variety of wines that evolve regularly according to the changes on the food & tapas menu." To achieve this goal, they expressed the following needs:

  • To be accompanied in the creation of a wine list adapted to their Lao cuisine
  • To order, follow the deliveries and its invoicing in complete autonomy
  • Toorder in small quantities from a single supplier with a large offer

To be accompanied in the creation of a wine list adapted to their Laotian cuisine

For Dani and Nina, it was important that their supplier could accompany them throughout the development of the menu . They practically gave carte blanche for the realization of their menu to one of the wine specialists of Les Grappes. The only condition was that the wines they proposed would perfectly match their cuisine. "So he was invited to the tasting of the dishes. It was important to us that he immerse himself in our concept and our cuisine so that he could grasp its complexity and offer us the best possible food and wine pairings."

To ensure that the selected wines were well promoted, they also trained the Lao team in wine sales. "They helped us make little cards on each wine to highlight their specificities, grape varieties, the farming method practiced but also the history of their producer."

Ordering, tracking deliveries and its billing in complete autonomy

"We are a young generation of new restaurateurs. No more incessant calls or the salesman coming by every day. The site is very well done, you can order from one place, at any time of the day". Dani indeed confided to us that it was very important for him to be accompanied during the selection process but that for the management of his stocks, he appreciated being able to be autonomous. Having an online platform where he can order, follow his deliveries and his invoicing whenever he wants, is a real time saver for him (which is not negligible when he confides to us that he works more than 70 hours a week!!!)

Ordering in small quantities from a single supplier with a large offer

Dani and Nina wanted to have only one wine supplier to avoid having to deal with many different people. It was therefore essential for them that this supplier had a large choice of references to be able to change the menu on a regular basis. The second wish was that this supplier would allow them to order in small quantities so as not to have to worry about storage and to be able to test products without taking too much risk.

"What we want to offer people is a menu that evolves regularly, so the challenge is to be able to buy in small quantities so we can change our references regularly."
WithLes Grappes Pro, they were able to order by 24 bottles only and they have access to a large catalog of 1,000 winemakers throughout France.

The results: A wine list that seduces all the customers and already a project to open a 2nd establishment!

"Originally, the wines were only meant to be a complement to our cocktails, we didn't think they could represent more than 30% of the alcoholic beverages' turnover!" What struck Dani and Nina first of all, was the craze around their project. Since the opening, there has not been a moment's reprieve. People like the fact that there is not a lot of choice on the menu and that the wines are produced by winemakers rather than by wine merchants or cooperatives. It's important for them to know where the wines come from, and with Les Grappes, we know.

Dany greatly appreciates working directly with the winemakers he puts on his menu and being able to meet them when they come to Paris. "I find the concept of connecting professionals with winemakers very cool. We even had a visit from a winegrower, Guilhem from the Rière Cadène estate, which was a very good moment".

With this first success, the two friends are getting ready to open a second establishment: a restaurant this time featuring Cantonese cuisine and a much more extensive wine list, still with Les Grappes PRO!

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