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Nos conseils aux restaurateurs - Comment améliorer la réputation en ligne de son établissement ? - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

How can you improve your online reputation?

Internet, this word is an integral part of our vocabulary and daily life. The first reflex today when looking for something is to go and look on the Internet. It works as well...

Nos conseils aux professionnels - Les 3 indications obligatoires sur sa carte des vins - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

The 3 compulsory indications on the wine list

To create your wine list, you first have to find wines. And once this task has been accomplished, the work is not finished, the wine list must be designed and formatted. Beyond the wine...

Nos conseils aux restaurateurs - Comment faire de sa carte des vins un atout pour son hotel ? Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

How to make your wine list an asset for your hotel?

Every wine list must respect certain basic rules but when it comes to a wine list in a hotel, other specificities are added and you have to be very careful not to overlook them.

Nos conseils aux professionnels - En quoi consiste le métier de sommelier ? - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

What does the job of a sommelier involve?

The profession of sommelier occupies an important place in the professions around wine. He is the one who selects wines, liqueurs, alcohols in establishments such as restaurants or hotels....

Oenologie - Les arômes du vin - Les Grappes

The aromas of the wine

The aromas are the essential part of the olfactory tasting, the "nose" of the wine. But aromas also play an essential role during tasting, the "mouth" of the wine. In short: the l...

Oenotourisme France - La Chine à la conquête du vin - Les Grappes

China's conquest of wine

On February 8, China celebrated its entry into the New Year, a year placed under the sign of the Fire Monkey and which is announced to be dynamic and unpredictable. The Chinese even agree that some of the...

Oenologie - Comment commencer sa cave à vin ? - Les Grappes

How do you start your wine cellar?

Do you have space to store a few bottles and want to start a wine cellar? This article will help you to lay the foundations for setting up and managing a wine cellar. What do you need to ...

Oenotourisme France - Top 3 des marathons des vins - Les Grappes

Top 3 wine marathons

This Sunday, nearly 57,000 runners will set foot on the cobblestones of Paris for the 40th edition of the Paris Marathon. On the occasion of this mythical event, we invite you to discover some maratho...

Oenologie - Pourquoi tant de formes pour les bouteilles de vins ? - Les Grappes

Why so many shapes for wine bottles?

Most often, they contain 75cl, they can do more, they can do less. They are high, short, they have shoulders, flat bottoms or prickles. They can sometimes be adorned...

Oenologie - Tout savoir sur le vin utilisé à l'église pendant la messe - Les Grappes

All you need to know about the wine used in the church during mass

If you've ever been to a religious ceremony, you've probably seen the Priest perform the Sacrament of the Eucharist, a reference to Jesus' last meal, the Last Supper. A ritual that the ...

Nos conseils aux professionnels - Comment bien servir le vin au restaurant - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

How to serve wine well in a restaurant

In the following articles addressed to professionals, we suggest you take an interest in wine service in restaurants. Indeed, it is not enough to simply take the bottle out of the cellar: it is also necessary to take it out of the...

Oenotourisme France - Les 15 questions à poser au vigneron lors de votre visite de domaine - Les Grappes

The 15 questions to ask the winemaker during your visit to the estate

Going to meet a winemaker may seem insignificant. But your pleasure and his are relatively linked, so it's best to have a few questions in mind before arriving at the estate. Traditio...