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Portraits Vignerons - Portrait de la famille Milan, Produire des vins qui ne font pas mal à la tête - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

Portrait of the Milan family, "Producing wines that don't hurt your head."

The story begins when the grandfather of the Milan family acquired the estate. It is in this house that his family settles. On the advice of his neighbours and the inhabitants of the village, he decided to build a ...

Oenologie - Quels sont les signes de qualité d’un Vin ? - Les Grappes

What are the signs of quality of a wine?

The wine market is complex and plethoric, and it can be very difficult to detect, without first tasting the bottles in accordance with our selection criteria. Furthermore, on this...

Devenir leader mondial de l'oenotourisme : l'ambition française - Les Grappes

Becoming world leader in wine tourism: the French ambition

France: a wine producer and a major player in tourism France is THE world tourist destination. For more than 10 years, France has maintained its position, even though it has been strongly challenged by the United States....

Portraits Vignerons - Le château de Fontenay, un des pionniers de l’appellation Chenonceau - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

The Château de Fontenay, one of the pioneers of the Chenonceau appellation

When Nathalie and Philippe decide to move to Touraine with their family, they fall under the spell of the Château de Fontenay. This was the start of a great wine adventure for the entrepreneurs....

News - 4 raisons de faire de l'oenotourisme dans son domaine - Les Grappes

4 reasons to make wine tourism in its field

You don't have visitors in your area yet? After reading this article, you will surely change your mind! Discover 4 reasons to develop wine tourism in your domain. Pr...

La Cité du Vin à Bordeaux - Les Grappes

Press Review : The City of Wine in Bordeaux

The Cité du Vin de Bordeaux was inaugurated yesterday by François Hollande, and although we have heard a lot about blockades, demonstrations and traffic jams due to the displacement of the p...

Portraits Vignerons - Regarde, tais-toi et apprends - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

"Watch, shut up and learn"

This rather austere family motto has enabled the Brocard family to establish the Jean-Marc Brocard estate as one of the star winemakers of Chablis. Wine, Earth, Nature and Tradition. Follow me! E...

Portraits Vignerons - Le domaine Pierre Luneau-Papin : des pépites en or dans le Muscadet - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

The Pierre Luneau-Papin estate: gold nuggets in Muscadet

Pierre-Marie is the winemaker of the Pierre Luneau-Papin estate in the Muscadet Sèvres et Maine. A scientist, but also a bit of a poet, a bit of a philosopher, full of humour, humility and clearly hum...

News - Junart, le projet qui fait rimer art et pinard - Les Grappes

Junart, the project that rhymes art and booze

Created 3 years ago, Junart is a dating site a bit special. A link between winegrowers and artists, Junart has already organized happy weddings: Cassius & Johann Michel, Jean-Michel Ti...

oenologie - Top 10 des cépages à connaître - Les Grappes

Top 10 grape varieties to know

Tasting courses, literary entries, television reports, everything is done to tell us about French wine and our grape varieties (grapes used to make wine). Yes, but here it is...

3 dates pour comprendre l'histoire de l'oenotourisme - Les Grappes

3 dates to understand the history of wine tourism

The 70s and the birth of wine tourism Wine tourism is a concept that will probably seem very new to you. Actually, it is not. Wine tourism was born in the ...

Oenologie - Les petites appellations méconnues à découvrir ! Les Grappes

Little-known appellations to discover!

Les Grappes invites you to discover the little-known wine appellations that often hide some very pretty nuggets! Coasts of Ancenis Malvasia The Coteaux d'Ancen...