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Mets&Vins - Peut-on boire du vin avec une salade d'été ? Les Grappes
#Our Wine Food Agreements

Can you drink wine with a summer salad?

Feeling fresh? Don't worry, salad doesn't necessarily rhyme with plain water... but rather with a feast. To the fateful question, can you drink wine with a salad? We're telling you a great...

Mets & Vins - Que boire avec un plat asiatique ? - Les Grappes
#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with an Asian dish?

Because we're tired of drinking rosé with an Asian dish just because it goes best with spices. Today, we want to get off the beaten track a little bit, by the way...

L'actu de nos vignerons - Michel et Dominique Bernard du Château Beauchêne - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

Michel and Dominique Bernard: "Jean-Louis Trintignant was born here at Château Beauchêne! »

Today, we have an appointment with Michel and Dominique Bernard from Château Beauchêne. An opportunity to learn a little more about them! Identity : Michel Bernard Profession : Winemaker Region:...

Portraits Vignerons - La reconversion professionnelle de Serge Baux, vigneron au Mas Baux - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

The professional reconversion of Serge Baux, winegrower at Mas Baux

At the age of 50, Serge Baux made the bet to give life back to an old Catalan Mas that had been abandoned for years. He saw in it an extraordinary terroir just a few kilometres from the Mediterranean, and above all...

Portraits Vignerons - Alain Brumont : mon coffre-fort à vins résistera à la fin du monde - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

Alain Brumont: "My wine safe will resist the end of the world

Alain Brumont, star winemaker from the south-west arrives with a surprising and unique concept! He has built a wine vault capable of withstanding natural disasters! After having raised the ...

Que boire avec ces 5 plats aphrodisiaques ? - Mets & Vins - Les Grappes
#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with these 5 aphrodisiacs?

Valentine's Day is Sunday, and that gave us some gourmet ideas. We've concocted a 5-course menu, whose ingredients are renowned for their aphrodisiac virtues. Associ...

Que boire avec les Bredalas d’Elise ? - Mets & Vins - Les Grappes
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What to drink with Elise's Bredalas?

At Domaine Materne Haegelin, Elise does the Bredalas like nobody else! She gives us her typical Alsatian recipe. And if you don't feel like cooking, you'll find Bredalas in...

Portraits Vignerons - Le Domaine des Escaravailles au sommet de Rasteau - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

The Domaine des Escaravailles at the top of Rasteau

This week, we climb the heights of Rasteau in the Rhone Valley to discover the Domaine des Escaravailles. Gilles Ferran tells us how his family conquered this difficult site...

Portraits Vignerons - Les vendanges ? Notre raison de vivre - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

"The harvest? Our reason for living! »

Jean-Marc Lafage's wines are served at the Elysée! A pride for this winemaker who has the vine in his blood. First behind his father who used to vinify in Maury on steep plots of land, then at the...

Portraits Vignerons - La famille De Sousa, une lignée de vignerons - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

The De Sousa family, a line of winemakers

Behind this Portuguese name is a champagne house created 50 years ago. Three generations of De Sousa have succeeded one another on the Avize terroir, to make their fine bubbles the new passio...

Portraits Vignerons - Fabrice Brunel : finis les fichiers Excel, place à la viticulture dans le Rhône - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

Fabrice Brunel: no more Excel files, time for winegrowing in the Rhone region

After spending ten years in Paris and working in consulting, Fabrice Brunel chose to return to the family estate of Châteauneuf-du-Pape to take over from his father at the end of the 19th century....

Portraits Vignerons - Stephane Yerle : Je me bats pour une viticulture bio plus progressiste - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

Stephane Yerle: "I'm fighting for a more progressive organic viticulture."

Originally from the Basque country and the Pyrenees, Stephane Yerle began his career in 1995 with Alain Brumont before launching his own projects. Today he is a consultant in wine production and viticulture...