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Portraits Vignerons - Famille Fabre : la nouvelle génération 100% féminine prend la relève. - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

The Fabre family: the new 100% female generation takes over.

The Fabre family has been established in the Languedoc for generations. Each one of them has put its mark on the Languedoc terroir. Louis Fabre was for a long time the captain of t...

Angers-Saumur : le Tour de France côté vins - Les Grappes

Angers-Saumur: the Tour de France on the wine side

From the sea to the vineyards, here is the beautiful program reserved for cyclists for the 3rd stage of the Tour de France between Granville and Angers! The cyclists will continue their immersion in the 3rd region of France, the...

Oenotoursime France - Un enterrement de vie de jeune fille… dans les vignes - Les Grappes

A bachelorette party... in the vineyard.

You've been chosen as the best man for your best friend's wedding, congratulations! After the outpourings, laughter, tears and many thanks, it's flattering at the time... Av...

News - Vitiloire : C’est parti pour la 15° édition - Les Grappes

Vitiloire : Let's go for the 15th edition

The 15th edition of Vitiloire will take place on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May 2017 in Tours. This free event for the general public, which takes place in Tours, only 1 hour from Paris, puts the 79...

Oenotourisme : comment faire son itinéraire ? - Les Grappes

Oenotourism : how to make your itinerary ?

The group With family, friends, colleagues? Organising a wine tourism weekend is above all about knowing with whom you want to share a simple, friendly and warm moment. It doesn't matter ...

Portraits Vignerons - Le château des Bormettes : un domaine de Provence qui voit rouge et blanc - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

Château des Bormettes: a Provence estate that sees red and white

Yannick's been working on the Bormette castle for five years. This great wine lover, who comes from a long line of Provençal winegrowers, has left the world of distribution to return to his first job....

Oenotourisme France - Qu'est-ce que l'oenotourisme ? - Les Grappes

What is wine tourism?

Definition of wine tourism Visit of the cellars and tastings at the winegrowers'. Wine tourism is above all about meeting people. As you walk around the estate, you will discover the hi...

 Oenotourisme France - Les musées du vin - Les Grappes

Wine Museums

Wine, a product of excellence in the French style ... everyone loves it! To the glory of the winegrowers, their working methods and their products, the wine and vine museums are in the heart of the...

Portraits Vignerons - Le Château des Annereaux vise l’excellence - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

Château des Annereaux aims for excellence

In 2017, Dominique, owner of the Château des Annereaux, hands over to his son Benjamin. That same year, the family estate celebrates its 10 years in Organic Agriculture. The occasion for ...

Les chiffres pour tout savoir sur l'oenotourisme - Les Grappes

Figures to know everything about wine tourism

How many wine tourists in France in 2016? According to Atout France, in 2016, 10 million French and foreign tourists visited French vineyards. Among the curious, we find 58% of them ...

Portraits Vignerons - Alain Brumont a ressuscité l'appellation Madiran - Les Grappes
#Winegrower Portraits

Alain Brumont has resurrected the Madiran appellation.

He has spent the last thirty years working passionately to restore the Madiran appellation's reputation. Full of ambition, Alain Brumont, winemaker of Châteaux Montus & Bouscassé knows that ...

Oenologie - Est-il possible de boire du vin quand on est au régime ? - Les Grappes

Is it possible to drink wine when you're on a diet?

With spring and sunny days approaching, you're on a diet and you're probably on a calorie hunt! Of course, the best thing to do when you're on a diet is to avoid all the calories you need...