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News - Top 3 des jeux du vin Les Grappes

Top 3 wine games

In order to better understand the world of wine and to develop your knowledge, here is a small selection of the three best games around wine: Quiz, general knowledge, interactive games... There are many games to choose from, including a ...

Oenologie - L'histoire des relations franco-américaines dans le monde du vin - Les Grappes

The history of Franco-American relations in the world of wine

1) Thomas Jefferson: the first ambassador of French wines in the USA The history of American wines begins when the "Huguenots" (French Protestants, opposed to the Catholics during the War of Independence) were the first to be ...

Oenologie - Pourquoi devenir un vigneron connecté ? - Les Grappes

Why become a connected winemaker?

The digitalisation of the wine industry is undergoing strong development and this opens up new possibilities for wineries to develop their activities and their clientele. However, by rap...

Oenologie - Le système français d'appellation des vins - Les Grappes

The French wine appellation system

The intensification of globalisation implies the development of fierce international competition, regulated within the framework of the World Trade Organisation. Total liberalisation ...

Oenologie - Comment les vignerons français peuvent-ils tirer parti du Reputation Tapping ? - Les Grapppes

How can French winegrowers benefit from "Reputation Tapping"?

Reputation is a complex phenomenon that is built over relatively long periods of time. As the literature review indicates, the reputation of French wine-producing regions has seen its d...