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Nos Accords Mets Vins - Que boire avec un risotto ? - Les Grappes
#Our Wine Food Agreements

What to drink with risotto?

If you are in a hurry It all depends on your preparation! For a vegetable risotto, opt for a white wine: a white wine from the Loire Valley or Vouvray. For a meat-based risotto, choose a rosé wine: a white wine from the Loire or Vouvray...

Nos Conseils aux restaurateurs - Les différents types de statuts juridiques possibles pour ouvrir un restaurant - Les Grappes
#Our advice to restaurateurs

The different types of legal status possible for opening a restaurant

You want to open a restaurant but you don't know what kind of legal status to choose? Here we present you with the different possibilities available to you so that this step does not have to be taken....

Oenologie - Sans soleil, il n'y a pas de vin ! - Les Grappes

Without sun, there's no wine!

It's essential: without sun, there are no grapes and no wine. It is essential for the growth of the fruit, necessary for the good taste of the grape, sought after in the making of wine and appreciated during the...

Top 6 des activités oenotouristiques les plus originales - Les Grappes

Top 6 most original wine tourism activities

Do you want to see the castles and vineyards of the estates from a different angle? We propose six atypical wine-related activities, designed by the wineries to make you discover them in a different way....

Oenologie - D'où vient le vin chaud ? - Les Grappes

Where does mulled wine come from?

That's it, the holiday season is over, and the year 2020 is already well underway. Don't be nostalgic for these moments by putting away your tree and your tinsel, because even if Christmas is not a holiday, it's still the year of the year...

Oenologie - Vin et santé : le vin e(s)t la santé - Les Grappes

Wine and health : Wine is healthy

In the beginning it was a French paradox. Why do the French have fewer cardiovascular diseases than people in other developed countries? Why is it that the occurrence of heart attacks...

Comment promouvoir son offre oenotouristique ? - Les Grappes

How to promote your wine tourism offer ?

You are a winegrower and you would like to make your wine tourism offer known? Les Grappes gives you a few tips on how to increase the number of visitors to your estate! How to...

Oenologie - Qu'est ce que le vin orange - Les Grappes

What is orange wine?

Orange wine has reappeared in cellars, on the market and in restaurants from the 2000s and is beginning to be appreciated by wine lovers. It arouses the curiosity of wine lovers....

Oenotourisme France - A la découverte de l'IGP Alpes de Haute Provence : Autour de l'AOC Pierrevert ! - Les Grappes

Discovering the PGI Alpes de Haute Provence: Around the AOC Pierrevert!

After her escapades in the Beaujolais, Laetitia Allemand now offers us a moment in the Alpes de Haute Provence. She takes us to discover a micro vineyard with Provençal accents, imbued with a touch of...

Oenologie - Comment fait-on un vin liquoreux ? - Les Grappes

How do you make a sweet wine?

You have to be honest, it's the wine we taste the least. Very sweet, rather expensive, sweet wine is a "little pleasure" that we offer ourselves for an occasion, at the end of a meal or at the end of a meal....

Oenologie - Comment bien conserver son vin ? - Les Grappes

How to store your wine well?

Filling your cellar with a nice collection of wine bottles is good. Knowing how to preserve them is better! Because wine is a living and fragile product, which does not like to be rushed. Gwilherm...

Oenologie - Top 5 des documentaires incontournables sur le vin - Les Grappes

Top 5 must-see wine documentaries

After the guides and books on the world of wine, we propose you to meet, listen and see this universe through our selection of wine documentaries. Indeed, we invite you to...