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Reception of an order

Reception of an order

Receiving a delivery (nb multidomain)

As we operate directly from the producer, orders are shipped directly from the estates. If you have ordered from several domains, it is therefore normal to receive several deliveries, one for each domain.

If, for the same estate, you do not receive all the wines ordered, it is a partial delivery. When this happens, we will send you an email within 24 hours with instructions. In most cases, your shipment has been split, you will receive the remaining wines within 48 hours.

If the carrier informs you that it is broken or lost, please go to the after-sales service section.

Signature of the delivery note, Verification of the delivery content and Issuing complaints upon receipt

When you receive wine, or any other merchandise, you must:

Open the box to check:

  • The number of bottles in each box, 
  • The condition of the bottles at the reception desk,
  • The references of the bottles received.

If you notice an anomaly, you must indicate your comments on the delivery note that the carrier sends you. 

It is imperative to describe precisely the problem upon receipt of the packages: give a quantified, qualified and characterized statement. Comments at the time of delivery must be precise and complete as to the nature of the apparent damage on the packaging, but above all they must relate mainly to the condition of the goods (comments on damage and number of missing parts/damage of the goods).

Upon receipt of the packages:

  • Check your products at the time of delivery
  • Make a written statement at the time of delivery.
  • It is recommended to take a picture of the extent of the damage.

Example of a statement :

For example, if you receive a package with a broken bottle, you must write: 

1 package of 3 bottles of xxx (reference)

1 bottle of xxx broken

2 bottles of stained xxx (if any)

(Counter example: 1 broken package. This type of complaint will be insufficient for the carrier and will lead to a refusal of the claim and therefore a loss for you).

In the absence of any complaints on the delivery note, your complaint will be considered unacceptable.

Indeed, only the presence of complaints on the delivery note can allow you to appeal to the carrier's insurance.

Click here to file a complaint.