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Follow the processing and delivery of my order

Follow the processing and delivery of my order

Timeline for processing an order

Once logged into your customer area and after clicking on the Orders & Billing tab, you can check the delivery status of your orders. You can find 3 different delivery statuses: awaiting validation, transmitted to the winemaker and shipped.

  • Awaiting validation


This status means that your payment has not yet been made and therefore your order has not yet been processed. 

Indeed, as long as the payment is not validated, the winegrower has no notification of a new order and cannot consult your order. If you paid by credit card, the transfer is immediate. If you paid by wire transfer, you have a 30 day time limit to make us the transfer.

  • Forwarded to the winegrower


If you see the order status " forwarded to the winegrower ", it means that your payment has been validated, that you have been debited and that the winegrower has received your order notification. The winegrower has 48 hours to prepare your order before sending it to the carrier. After this time, you will receive a delay message with the reason why your order cannot be delivered within 5 working days.

  • Shipped


Once the winegrower has prepared your order and programmed the passage of the carrier, the status changes to shipped. The carrier then has 36 hours to collect your goods. It is when your merchandise is picked up that an SMS is sent to you.

Once your order is picked up by the carrier, you will switch to a shipping tracking system, please check the track my delivery section for more information.

Track my delivery

DHL (notifications, on demand, relay point, gatekeeper)

You will receive an SMS followed by an email from DHL when your order is picked up indicating the day and time range for delivery.


If your order is shipped with GEODIS or a private delivery service, you cannot track your order. If you have been waiting for your order for more than 5 days, you can go to our contact form by entering your order number.

If you are not present when your scheduled delivery time is due, there are several solutions available to you, which you can consult in this section.