Frequently Asked Questions


Reporting a Problem or Malfunction

Reporting a problem that prevents me from ordering

Reporting a payment problem

Credit card (3DS, pending)

3D secure authentication failed?

For this step, first of all, please bring your mobile phone with you. Most of the failures during this step are due to exceeding the two minutes allowed to enter the code transmitted by your bank by SMS. You will then see the status "pending" on your order (follow my order).

If you paid by credit card and there is an authentication failure, the order is not validated. Then, you will receive an email asking you for an express confirmation of your order by email. Please reply to this email with your agreement. We then contact our "banking establishment" for validation of the payment.

Other payment methods (cheque, wire transfer)

Are you experiencing a payment problem? 

It is possible that the payment is still awaiting validation.


To validate your payment, please go to the choose your payment method section for more information.

If you pay by check, your order will be validated after it has been cashed.

You are not receiving the payment confirmation email?

In the absence of the confirmation email, your order has probably not been validated. The first thing to do is to check if the email does not appear in your spam. After verification, we invite you to go to the "Orders & Billing" section in your customer area. If no order is referenced, it means that:

  • The order has not been validated
  • You will not be debited
  • We invite you to place a new order.

The order has failed and you have already tried the solutions suggested above?

We invite you to read the following article "Report any other malfunction (shopping cart, browser, site bug etc ...). If your request is other, please contact us via our contact form.

Report any other malfunction (shopping cart, browser, website problems...)

Difficulties when placing the order

We invite you to restart your order under optimal conditions: use the Google Chrome browser, with your computer and a visa card. The browsers explorer, Opera and Amex on mobile phones are to be avoided when you place your order.

If, once the optimal conditions have been met, the order is still unsuccessful, please contact your bank in order to find out about your payment options. 

If the order still fails after you have tried to order, you can contact us on our contact form by giving us the order number displayed on your customer area.

Making a claim following a delivery incident

Reasons for claim

You want to file a complaint? Here are the most common complaints:

  • A Break
  • Missing / Loss
  • Quality problem (corked wine, maderised, oxidised, acid, cloudy...)
  • Wrong order: incorrect reference (wrong vintage, wine...)
  • Delay
  • Billing problem (wrong price, not applying promo code, overcharged)

In order to report your complaint, you can contact us via this contact form, specifying your order number, the reason for your complaint and any other relevant information.

The admissibility of your claim in case of breakage is subject to the issue of complaints (see Receiving a delivery).

For other types of claims we will get back to you within 2 working days.

Breakage, Loss and Partial Delivery

Is your package broken, lost or partially delivered?

You have to fill in the relevant complaints . Find out how to enter relevant complaints here.


One of our guarantees is delivery within 5 working days.

It is possible that the order may be delivered after this period. After this period, you are likely to receive compensation, perhaps even a refund. 

To inform us of a possible delay in your order, please contact customer service on our form so that we can inform you of the reason for the delay and offer you a solution.

Notices of passage and difficulty to be delivered

The winemaker you ordered from may have chosen to ship with a private delivery service. In this case, only the winegrower has a delivery tracking system. The link "follow the shipment" is therefore not displayed in your customer area. However, you can send us your tracking request on our contact form by attaching your order number.