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Les Grappes PRO is the first direct purchasing platform from winemakers in France for professionals.

With Les Grappes, enjoy a tailor-made selection from a choice of 1200 winemakers who are 100% harvesters.

Benefit from 3000 references directly from the domains and over 150 mix-and-match references per box; as well as personalized support, 100% centralized management, a single invoice, negotiated and decreasing rates, and dedicated marketing support.

Whether you are a restaurant, a retailer, an importer, or large-scale distributor: we support you with international logistics. A single partner for the management of your import issues: exchange with your forwarders, edition of DAE or DSA documents and international transport (depending on the destination).

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Cafes, hotels, restaurants

Custom wine list design and ready-to-use technical sheets.

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Audit of your product range and tailor-made event support

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Help your customers choose to dedicated POS displays

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We are committed to helping everyone drink human wine by simplifying access to winemakers. Les Grappes organizes the direct sale between winegrowers and professionals, in France and around the world.

Management 100% centralized

Simply control your procurement from A to Z with a single point of contact.

Single billing

You only receive one invoice. Even if you order from 36 different winemakers.

Possibility to mix/match

Mix and match more than 150 wines on a SINGLE pallet.

MAISON AUBRY and Les Grappes

When Nathalie was considering her grocery store project, she wanted to offer the most comprehensive French selection possible. Elsa Moisand, Export Manager at Les Grappes, therefore pre-selected wines available for export through her direct exchanges with our winegrowers who are harvesters.

To find the best wines for Nathalie's clientele in Milan, we focused on her specific needs. Elsa helped her choose her wines from the many domains available for export.

It was necessary to find typically French cuvées that would add value to Maison Aubry. This is a unique type of grocery store, and the main objective was to stand out from the possible nearby restaurants, especially in terms of wine selection.

Today, Nathalie's wines also stand out for their very affordable price for French wine in Italy! Nathalie now sells about forty Les Grappes Cuvées.

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I still have some questions

How do you set the prices?

The winegrower sets his own prices according to the different distribution channels. The prices shown are those you would find directly, including delivery costs. A volume discount applies based on the quantities ordered, starting from 24 bottles per estate.

How do you choose the winemakers?

Our winemakers are all growers. Winegrowers are the only ones who make wine from their own grapes, unlike wine merchants who buy grapes or juice and then transform them into wine. With the help of our ambassadors, our team selects producers who are like us and who we are delighted to introduce to you.

Is it possible to get samples?

Tasting is an essential part of the wine selection process, and all wines are available as samples. Our team will guide you in choosing the most suitable cuvées for your establishment, helping you select the right winemaker in the right place!

How do I create an account?

It's very simple: registration is free and all you need is an e-mail address and a SIRET number. We will then contact you to discuss your requirements and advise you.

Which countries do you work with?

We currently work with professional customers in over 25 countries. We can meet your requirements for any country in the world.

Why is it important to choose the right partner to find your French wines?

From abroad, you have to interact with a large number of people;

But not only that...

It also means having to deal with customs and language constraints...

In addition to having to manage accounting and supplies...