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Our mission

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Simplify your access to the best winemakers

We often find the same wine bottles in one store or another.

The reason? Winegrower is a difficult job. You have to plant the vine, cultivate it, harvest it. You have to vinify the juice, blend and bottle it. And, above all, you have to distribute the wine. That's why 97% of winemakers lack time to organize their distribution. There are 29,000 winemakers whose wines are not available for sale - a waste for our palate.

Our mission? Simplify the access to the unique wines of these winemakers and allow you to enhance your offering for your customers.

Discover the winemakers

Valuing independent winemakers

Behind the label, there are women and men that we always want to meet. We step into their vineyards to see what they do and then share the stories of these passionate people.

There were 20 of them in 2014, and today, more than 1200 trust us and sell their best bottles to you.

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Promising a quality service

We are certified as a B-Corp company. The B-Corp label certifies private companies that integrate social, societal, and environmental objectives into their mission, economic model, workforce, products or services. The B-Corp community includes 4,000 companies of all sizes and sectors in 74 countries, including over 145 in France.

Futhermore, at the beginning of 2022, we conducted our first carbon footprint assessment with Greenly. The assessment is a diagnosis of our 2020 greenhouse gas emissions across Scopes 1, 2, and 3. This carbon footprint assessment enables us to implement concrete actions to sustain our responsible approach.

Simplify your access to winemakers

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