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A French grocery shop in Milan
A French grocery shop in Milan

Maison Aubry

In order to find the best wines for Nathalie's clients in Milan, we looked at her specific needs. Elsa helped her to choose her wines from the many domains available for export.

It was necessary to find typically French vintages that would be an added value for Maison Aubry. It is a unique grocery shop, and the main objective was to stand out from the possible restaurants in the area, especially from their wine offer.

Quality and affordable wines for Danish customers
Quality and affordable wines for Danish customers

Oli Bistro

Olivier opened Oli Bistro in Aarhus, a coastal town in northern Denmark. His wish was to bring French culture into the Bistro. The atmosphere is typically French and warm. Olivier has also added a cellar section to his bistro, which he enhances with short-run French wines and winegrowers.

Oenology workshops led by two enthusiasts
Oenology workshops led by two enthusiasts

Oeno Conseils

Based in Gabon, and more specifically in Libreville, Eric and Justine have created Oeno Conseil, a unique activity to enlighten individuals and catering professionals on the world of oenology, by offering training courses. Together we have built a 100% Les Grappes wine range.

Our wine offer in Taiwan
Our wine offer in Taiwan

Carrefour Taïwan

The aim of this Taipei shop was to offer wines from independent winegrowers: a successful gamble! This Carrefour in the capital of Taiwan wanted to offer quality to its customers. It has therefore completed its range with French wines from winegrowers. New, higher quality references that cannot be found in its competitors' stores, this is the principle that appealed to this shop of the Carrefour group, which is number one in Europe and has been ranked third worldwide since 1999.

A Michelin star in Spain
A Michelin star in Spain

El Serbal

A Michelin-starred restaurant on the Spanish west coast, renowned for its traditional cuisine and extensive wine list, El Serbal wanted to complement its menu with new Champagnes and grands crus. He turned to the authenticity of French winegrowers. Working hand in hand with El Serbal's sommelier, the restaurant has succeeded in matching its traditional cuisine with new wines that are in line with its high standard.

A Belgian online shop specialising in organic products
A Belgian online shop specialising in organic products


The Belgian online shop specialising in organic products located in Belgium wanted to expand its range of organic and biodynamic wines with a direct link to the winemakers. Today, we have found a dozen or so treasure winemakers and rising stars who know how to seduce their customers. The names of these winemakers are unique and in line with the positioning and quality approach of the brand.

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