Together, let's help your customers drink the best wine.

Simplifying access to the best winegrowers

The same winegrowers are often available in shops and restaurants. The reason? Winegrower is a difficult job. You have to plant the vine, cultivate it, harvest it. It is necessary to vinify the juices, to assemble and bottle. And, above all, you have to deliver the wine. That's why 97% of winegrowers don't have enough time to organize their distribution. This reprensents 29,000 winegrowers that we never drink - a waste for our palate.

Our mission ? Simplify your access to the wines of these winegrowers.

Saving time, money and drinking the best wine

Since 2014, our goal has always been to help people drink the best wines. This is why we accompany catering professionals and wine growers on a daily basis. Together, we simplify the supply of the former and the distribution of the latter. A short circuit that allows everyone to find their way: better wines, better prices and simplified invoicing on the professional side; better marketing on the winegrower's side.

Restaurants, hotels, shopkeepers, wine merchants: more than 1,500 professionals, including major restaurants and distribution groups, use Les Grappes on a daily basis in order to increase their wine sales.

Why is it so difficult to work directly with a winegrower

✘ Limited selection and many inaccessible winegrowers

✘ Cannot order online or save selections in order to rebuild your stock in a few clicks

✘ No real-time delivery tracking

✘ No single billing when buying from several winegrowers

✘ Unable to check the availability of a reference

✘ High price variability, without guarantee against breakage or delivery included

✘ No personal and truly independent advice without conflict of interest

Les Grappes, the reinvented direct winegrower

✔︎ A unique selection of more than 1,000 harvesting winegrowers

✔︎ Online ordering and saving of your preselections

✔︎ Real time delivery tracking

✔︎ Single billing whatever the number of winegrowers

✔︎ Immediate visibility on the availability of references

✔︎ Degressive rates, anti-breakage guarantee and delivery included

✔︎ A team of 30 passionate people to serve and advise you

The team behind our bottles

At Les Grappes, we are 30 wine enthusiasts.

But of human wines! Behind each label, there are men and women that we are impatient to meet, to tell their stories and to make them stand out.

Every day, we work to change the vision of the old world of wine to make sure that choosing or opening a bottle remains a pleasure, not a headache. Shall we pop that cork?


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Ah, I almost forgot: we also give you free advice.

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