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Food & Wine Pairing

All you need to know about wine and food pairings

Because wine is usually served at the table, or always accompanied by a meal, food and wine pairings are essential. A successful combination of a dish and a wine makes for an unforgettable experience. A harmony is perfect if the pleasure that the wine gives each other or puts it on is multiplied tenfold when both are granted. If in your mouth there is an explosion of sensations, delicacies, and happiness, then the trick is done.

There are a multitude of possible combinations but some wine and food combinations are to be absolutely known. When it comes to agreements, there are also rules to follow to ensure that you find the perfect harmony. For example, it is important to agree a light meal with a light wine. It is always necessary to match the wine to the character of the dish. A traditional, full-bodied, rustic dish, goes well with an expressive and robust wine.

Here are some basic chords:

  • White meat goes well with light red wines.
  • Red meat is appreciated with full-bodied and more expressive red wines.
  • Foie gras goes perfectly with a sweet wine but also sometimes with a dry white wine.
  • Crustaceans and yellow wine also form a beautiful alliance.
  • Cheeses go well with some red wines as well as some white wines, it's up to you to choose the right one according to your cheese.

Our last advice would be to always match a regional dish with a wine from the same region. utilise des cookies
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