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Wine tour in Champagne

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The Best Wine Tour in France Vineyards

The French and wine is a beautiful love story that is no secret. It is thanks to this love and the curiosity of some that a new tourist concept has emerged: the wine routes.

This tourist route takes you to the heart of French wine estates and above all to the vines. The Wine Tours take you on a journey to discover the wines of France. You will be able to discover extraordinary, natural landscapes, and you can only end up admiring the views that are available to you. These routes highlight the wine-growing regions of France.

Travelling all over France and its vineyards, the wine roads are almost open all year round. You will be able to discover wine tourism, a new success that has already seduced many in France and around the world. Strolls in the vineyards, discovering cellars, wine tastings, beautiful things await you. What are you waiting for to set off on the Alsace, Provence or Bordeaux wine tour? Each year we have more than 10 million wine tourists coming to discover wines for a weekend or a holiday, why not you? There are a large number of roads and the diversity of the regions allows you to enjoy different climates according to your desires.

If you decide to take the plunge, Les Grappes offers you its wine tours to help you discover its favourite regions and winegrowers. utilise des cookies
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