Bandol Wine Route

Bandol is a key appellation of the Provençal wine region in the extreme south-east of France. Created in 1941, Bandol covers approximately 3830 acres of vineyards located around its Mediterranean coastal town. These are unevenly distributed in eight communes in the Var department, the majority being just north of Bandol itself, in Le Beausset, La Cadière-d'Azur, Le Castellet and Evenos.

The stages of our Bandol Wine Tour :

  1. The Calanques of the Port of Alon
  2. The Bunan Domains
  3. La Cadière d'Azur (Village)

Bandol is best known for its red wines, which represent the majority of the appellation's production. These contain a high proportion of Mourvèdre (at least 50%). Using this amount of such a spicy and powerful grape variety produces a very characteristic wine that is difficult to create in any other region of France; moreover, Mourvèdre is only able to ripen in a climate as sunny and warm as the Mediterranean coast.

In addition to red wine, rosé is also highly recommended and goes perfectly with the specialities of its region: grilled fish, a Niçoise salad, a tapenade, or even a fish and seafood bouillabaisse...

And for motorsport enthusiasts, the Paul Ricard motor racing circuit in the Var is a leisure site dedicated to all those who like to feel real adrenaline rushes!

Now that you know more about Bandol, all you have to do is imagine yourself on the beach, with music and a glass of friendship!

Domains to visit in Bandol

The Calanques of the Port of Alon

Located between Bandol and the Madrague Port in a preserved environment, the Calanque du Port d'Alon is the first creek to visit after the Calanques de Marseille. Very easy to access and far from the noise and crowds, this small beach made of gravel mixed with sand will allow you to enjoy a moment of calm, under pine trees that will provide you shelter while you sip your glass of wine ...!

The Bunan Domain

The history of the Bunan Domain begins in the 16th century, when the Château was built by Lord Baude-de-Peyron. Today, it is Stéphanie and Yves Vatelot who perpetuate the history of the Domain by surrounding themselves with great people from the region such as the renowned oenologist Michel Rolland.

This 135-hectare property offers wines with unique aromatic qualities due to the exceptional location of the terroir, perched on top of the arid and sunny limestone hills of the Côte d'Azur...

La Cadière d'Azur (Village)

Located on the edge of its cliff on a hill just in front of the village of Castellet, this small medieval village benefits from a panoramic view that leads directly to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded by pine forests and overlooks the famous Bandol vineyard (AOC).

You will enjoy beautiful walks in the region and around this village. Starting at Porte de la Colle, you can follow paths surrounded by olive trees, crossing the famous AOC vineyards.

La Cadière-d'Azur has the charm of these Provençal villages which have kept their authentic identity, with its small flowered streets steeped in history...