Northern Rhone Valley Wine Route

By going on the Northern Rhône Wine Route, you will have the opportunity to discover the terroirs of the Rhône Valley in all of their richness and diversity. You will get to know the wines, vineyards and winegrowers and have a wide range of unforgettable itineraries to choose from !

The steps of our Northern Rhone Valley Wine Route :

  1. Domaine Pierre Gaillard
  2. Domaine Jeanne Gaillard
  3. Domaine Cottebrune

A few well-chosen stops in the North will provide you with all the introduction, education and background you will need to shop for high quality products. In fact, two of the largest and best wine merchants in the Rhône are located in the North, and each of them have elegant wines at different price ranges; while the Southern Rhône accounts for most of the region's volume, the Northern Rhône is the home of most of its prestige wines. Hermitage and Côte Rôtie produce less of the region's total production, but their wines remain quality wines, leaders on an equal footing with the great wines of Bordeaux. For whites, Condrieu and the small appellation of Château Grillet produce some of the most sought-after white wines in France.

In between your tastings, enjoy a moment of "art de vivre" by observing the rugged and steep hills that were created by the river; they are now home to the vineyards!

The vineyards, planted on steep slopes, will offer you a breathtaking spectacle and from the top of the hills, a magnificent panoramic view .

The must-see estates of the Northern Rhône

Domaine Pierre Gaillard

Graduated from Beaune and Montpellier, Pierre worked as a winegrower in Côte-Rôtie before buying his first plot of land (Clos de Cuminaille) in Saint Joseph, in the village of Malleval, where he then established his cellar and house.

Pierre Gaillard is one of the most respected winemakers in the Northern Rhône. He had already worked for Vidal-Fleury and Etienne Guigal before starting on his own and then received great reviews when he started producing his first vintage in the mid-80s.

He produces about 18,000 bottles of red Saint-Joseph each year on less than 40 hectares. He is particularly adept at using oak to bring lush and extremely seductive flavours, while ensuring that these flavours never lose sight of the individuality of their terroirs of origin.

If you ever have the chance to taste his Saint Joseph White Wine and wonder why this one is unusual, it is because it is made entirely from Roussanne. Its most usual partner, Marsanne, is avoided in a successful quest for aromatic harmony... so don't wait to taste this unique wine that reflects the personality of its winemaker!

Domaine Jeanne Gaillard

Jeanne Gaillard, daughter of the winemaker Pierre Gaillard, was forced into the world of wine when she was young: after being caught for a malicious act, she was forced to work in the family vineyard. Her experience that day triggered a passion and a deep love for wine that has never faded!

She followed her father's footsteps by studying sales and viticulture in Beaune and did several internships in different wineries in France and abroad.

Today, she runs 5 hectares in the PGI Crozes-Hermitage and 8 hectares in the PGI Rhodanian Hills.

Domaine Cottebrune

Domaine Cottebrune is owned and managed by Pierre Gaillard. The 10 hectares of the estate dominate the plain of Béziers, 5 of which are devoted to the transhumance of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre.

Pierre Gaillard has a particular interest in this region because of the high concentration of schist soils that he masters in the Northern Rhône, where his other winery is located. Moreover, the influence of the Northern Rhône is obvious, with a very high density of 9000 plants per hectare, planted in stakes for the white varieties, with a single support post, while the Syrah, with its more fragile shoots, is supported by wires.

The wines made here have a freshness and balance that you won't find anywhere else in the South of France, and we heartily recommend them to you. Moreover, we can never get tired of our dear Pierre Gaillard!